Presenter Jim Clancy leaves CNN after ‘anti-Israel’ twitter argument

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Presenter Jim Clancy leaves CNN after ‘anti-Israel’ twitter argument

Veteran anchor, Jim Clancy, leaves Cable News Network abruptly after 34 years following controversial twitter argument with pro-Israel social media users.

The debate got heated then took an odd turn, with Clancy tweeting “Hasbara” – a name used for Israel’s policy of spreading its message through mass media.

Was Jim Clancy hinting that Israel employ propaganda trolls on Social Media?

Presenter Jim Clancy leaves CNN after ‘anti-Israel’ twitter argument

In his resignation statement, Clancy did not mention the reason for his departure. He posted the following message: “After nearly 34 years with Cable News Network, the time has come to say farewell! It has been my honor to work alongside all of you for all of these years.”

RT reports:

Jim Clancy is no longer with CNN. We thank him for more than three decades of distinguished service, and wish him nothing but the best,” said a terse statement from the Atlanta-headquartered network, which had sent Clancy as a reporter to Beirut, London, and Berlin before making him a senior anchor and contributor.

Although neither Clancy nor CNN revealed the reasons for the departure, almost all media outlets connected it with a somewhat incoherent Twitter spat that began in the wake of the fatal attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine.

What do you think about Jim Clancy’s resignation? Was his ominous Tweet (‘Hasbara’) hinting at Israeli propaganda trolls being officially sanctioned on social media?

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