FISA Court Let FBI Spy On ‘Entire Trump Campaign’ – Media Blackout

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The FBI's FISA court order, allowing them to spy on Carter Page, also allows them to spy on the entire Trump campaign up to this day.

The FBI’s FISA court order, allowing them to spy on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page, also gave them carte blanche to spy on the entire Trump campaign, before, during and after the election – a fact the mainstream media is desperate to withhold from you.

The Mockingbird media are desperate to ignore the Nunes memo details, and they are actively gaslighting America into looking the other way.

The Department of Justice FBI FISA request was for “Title I” surveillance authority.  This is not some innocuous request for metadata exploration. The FBI was saying American citizen Carter Page was a “foreign agent of a hostile foreign government”.

The FBI was calling Carter Page a spy.

Per Conservative Treehouse: To present a methaphor, under “Title I” FISA authority, Carter Page was essentially “patient zero” in an Ebola pandemic.  Labeling him as a foreign agent allowed the FBI to look at every single person he had any contact with; and every single aspect of their lives and their activities in growing and concentric circles; without time limits or review.

“Title I” FISA surveillance of U.S. citizens is the most intrusive, exhaustive and far reaching type of search, seizure and surveillance authority, permitting the FBI to look at every scintilla of Mr. Page’s life – as well as his friends and colleagues. And that includes President Trump.

All communication, travel and contact can be opened and reviewed.  All aspects of any of Mr. Page’s engagements are subject to being secretly monitored.

This is an entirely different level of surveillance authority, the highest possible, and has nothing to do with FISA-702 search queries (Title VII) of U.S. persons.

Keep in mind, amid all of this exhaustive FBI surveillance and DOJ national security division digging into every aspect of his life, Mr. Carter Page has never been accused of any crime, wrongdoing, or subsequent criminal conduct.

It appears the entire reason to label Mr. Page as a Title One “foreign agent” was so the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division, could use Mr. Page’s short contact with the Trump campaign as an excuse to monitor everyone else within the campaign before, during and after the election.

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