FLASHBACK: Alyssa Milano’s Co-Star – ‘She’s a Fake Liberal Who BULLIES People on Set’

Fact checked
Alyssa Milano's co-star blows whistle on her bullying behavior on-set

Alyssa Milano’s “loving liberal” persona is all an act – she actually spends her time violently bullying and harassing co-workers, a former co-star has claimed.

Former “Charmed” co-star Rose McGowan says Alyssa is actually a toxic, angry, demented bully who made work-life unbearable for everyone she considered ‘beneath her.’

McGowan took to Twitter where she roasted her former co-star for “hijacking” and destroying the #MeToo movement, and detailed what a toxic “diva” Alyssa really was on the set of “Charmed.”

Waynedupree.com reports: From what Rose says, sounds like we have another “Ellen” on our hands – maybe even worse.

In the first tweet McGowan says: “1) You stole #metoo (a brilliant communication tool, not a movement) from Tarana. You co-opted my movement, the Cultural Reset, for fame, jealous of me for outing my rapist. You made 250k per week on Charmed. (Con’t)”

And then in the next tweet she says: 2) “You threw a fit in front of the crew, yelling, ‘They don’t pay me enough to do this shit!’ Appalling behavior on the daily. I cried every time we got renewed because you made that set toxic AF. Now, get off my coattails you fucking fraud.”


Alyssa Milano likes to come off as this wholesome, loving progressive, doesn’t she?

She’s always worried about women, and the planet, and don’t forget to “wear your mask,” etc. etc.

But in reality, Alyssa appears to be just like every other liberal out there – a total phony who uses fake concern and activism to cover up a dark rotting soul.


  1. Tes Shannon Dougherty was one if the best actresses from that era and those birches knew her acting put theirs to shame so they got rid of her Like total bitches do

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