Florida To Begin Sentencing Pedophiles to Death – Democrats Outraged

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Florida to begin sentencing pedophiles to death

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced plans to introduce the death penalty for anybody convicted of pedophilia in Florida.

In a speech, DeSantis outlined plans to see capital punishment brought back for child sex offenders.

Thepostmillennial.com reports: “They said the Constitution does not allow capital punishment for anything short of a homicide,” DeSantis began, referencing a Supreme Court from a decade ago.

“The problem with that you have some of these sex predators that will abuse these very very young children, do it habitually, and I’m just thinking to myself, you’re ruining those kids’ lives– those are innocent kids.”

DeSantis went on to suggest that the current Supreme Court would “not uphold” the previous ruling, thus his administration would begin “exploring ways to facilitate” capital punishment for such criminals, a proposition that was met with a round of applause from those in attendance.

“We understand it’ll be a challenge,” he continued, “but I think it’s ripe for us to challenge a decision that wasn’t well thought out.”

“What we know we can do regardless of how the Supreme Court stuff shakes out, is we do wanna ensure that the minimum sentence for these predators who are raping these young kids, that they do at least get life in prison because they will re-offend if you put them back on the streets.”

“These people don’t care,” DeSantis said of child sex criminals, referring to them as “the worst of the worst.”

“They are unrepentant, they don’t care about these children; they will do whatever they can do to satiate themselves at the expense of very very vulnerable people.”

Florida currently has some of the strictest punishments and restrictions for sex offenders in the nation, with the latest announcement proof that DeSantis is prepared to take things to the next level. 


  1. Let them use these pedophiles as babysitters for their kids then get back with us on this. They are just as evil and sick as these pedophiles sick ba$turdds.

  2. as they should be since all evidence shows that these “people” can’t be rehabilitated and will more than likely assault again

  3. Nuh He’s an attention seeker right now cause he’s heading for the big pay packet from the high chair The one that comes with all the friends bearing gifts.

    • The friends bearing gifts have already made an appearance. Remember what DeSantis did:

      1) He extended legal protections for hospitals using the Federal Covid Protocol (vents, toxic Remdesivir) after it was known that this is a deadly, even genocidal “treatment”.

      2) He signed into law that the state has the power to force inject Floridians if the state medical bureaucracy deems it necessary. DeSantis has set the stage for a future, state-wide “Jim Jones” event in a future plandemic.

      Not a good guy at all.

  4. We should make mri brain scans to check criminals for psychopathy. They can’t improve their behaviour. They are evil only solutions according to their crimes making their cognitive capability less, by lobotomy and use them for medical trials, or blindness, honestly those are the options. They still feel grandeur no matter how much we disable them untill they can’t harm others. But a world without evil leaders can only be better, in all segments of life.

  5. The real pedos, the illuminati ones, always dispose of the bodies and they are billionaires, protected by their power as freemasons. After sexually torturing and obtaining their adrenochrome, (worth more than Gold to them) the freemasonic currency they trade and adore in the highest, they use self cleaning ovens to incinerate the bodies, or feed the bodies to animals such as alligators. No, they will never get arrested, or executed, they are too busy running the world and inflicting their torturous despicable and depraved NWO on the rest of their future victims. They are the Royals, the Bankers, the WEF, the WHO and the UN people the Luciferians. Who like the Wizard of Oz, continually try to impress the world that they are powerful and not total frauds with their ridiculous threats of transhumanism. It is as big a Fraud as NASA going to the moon. They are full of hot air. They cannot turn you into robots they can just pretend they are doing it to destroy your brains. AND just like COVID jabs that did not work, but made people suffer and die, they will do the same thing with nuerolink. It is all BS. They are all big blowhard phonies. They saw how well the fake moon landing went and covid and all their scams they are just on a roll. There sick disgusting worthless depraved “elite” people who are sadistic and power hungry, because they have no souls and they know they are going straight to Hell when they die, which will be very soon. Their time is up. God’s Justice will come to them, even before they die. They have brought eternal Hell on themselves. They are the biggest losers on earth. All the people who provide the children to them and enable them in their satanic religious rites of are equally guilty of every sin these demonic beings commit. They will be equally punished by God for being accessories to another’s sin. It does not matter if they say they were just doing their job or obeying orders. Let God dispense his punishments. God is a Just God.

  6. We also to need to do what they just did in North Dakota make transgender dancing in front of kid’s criminal.

  7. Well, the Democrats have the most pedophiles in their party and most of the leadership in the Democrat party, so it makes sense they would object

  8. As satisfying as it may be, knowing they are facing execution if convicted, it would encourage these freaks to then kill their victims to silence them.

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