Flu Shots Given Out At This Years Golden Globes

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Despite it being January and well into flu season didn’t stop the 2019 Golden Globes from giving out flu vaccinations….or did they?

Celebrities at the 2019 Golden Globes were taken aback as a team of ‘doctors’ and ‘nurses’ crashed the ceremony armed with syringes and attempted to vaccinate them all.

Hosts Andy Sandberg and Sandra Oh told the audience to: “Roll up your sleeves, Hollywood, because you’re all getting flu shots.”

The LMFAO song ‘Shots’ immediately started  playing in the background and the looks on guests’ faces were priceless, along with reactions from bemused viewers watching at home.


Prep For That reports:  At this point, a group of “licensed professionals” storm the floor with vaccine needles.

You probably think I’m kidding. But, well, I’m not.

Watch for yourself.

And yes, the responses were, well, “Golden” pretty much immediately.


So did the 2019 Golden Globes really give out flu shots? 

Actress Linda Cardellini told Vanity Fair that the needles were fake. The publication added that celebrities were not asked about taking part in that part prior to the show.

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