Fox News Journalist: ‘The CIA Has Infiltrated Every Newsroom in America’

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Fox News host admits CIA has infiltrated every newsroom in the U.S.A

Fox News host Jesse Watters revealed this week that the CIA has infiltrated every newsroom in America, including his.

In an episode dedicated to exposing the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, Watters discussed how the U.S. government embeds agents within media outlets in order to propagandize the American public and push a political agenda.

“Langley was laundering narratives to the press and into the public’s veins,” Watters said during Tuesday’s show.

“The most trusted names in news were working wittingly or unwittingly as Deep State conduits of disinformation. At least 22 American news organizations, from The New York Times to Life magazine to CBS, had journalists on the CIA payroll.” reports: Watters also aired footage of the 1975 Church Committee hearings, in which outgoing CIA Director William Colby admitted to the agency having embedded assets in major media outlets.

Watters’ refresher on Operation Mockingbird comes in reference to the New York Times this week admitting the “Deep State” network of globalist saboteurs embedded in the federal government and the media not only exist, but that they’re “actually kind of awesome.”

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