Gag Order On Trump Would Be Election Interference Says Roger Stone

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Roger Stone

Roger Stone, Jr. has claimed that a gag order placed on Donald Trump or his family would constitute election interference.

The long time Trump associate has been talking to the media about the current indictment of Trump by far-left New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

On Sunday Stone told journalist Chris Nelson: “My great concern now is that the judge in New York, in the county court where Trump has been indicted, will now issue a gag order on Donald Trump and potentially members of his family so they cannot comment on any aspect of the trial of the case.”

He added that if the judge were to impose a gag order, it would not only amount to “canceling” Trump—but could be classified as “election interference.”

InfoWars reports: Stone continued to explain a judge placed a gag order on him back in 2019, saying, “This is exactly what was done to me. For sixteen months I was not allowed to defend myself in any public forum. It’s unconstitutional, it would clearly be election interference since he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, but it’s a New York judge so don’t be surprised when it happens.”

The political insider suggested the judge in the Trump case will likely issue a gag order and prolong the appeal process for as long as possible while illegally preventing the 45th President from commenting on the case.

Getting to the bottom of the matter, Stone told Nelson, “We haven’t even read the indictment. This is the irony here, which is right now you and I are discussing a leak in the New York Times and CNN. CNN says there’s 34 counts. How could they possibly know that unless they were the recipients of an illegal leak? This is today’s America.”

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