General Flynn: “The Storm Has Arrived – We the People Need To Rise Up”

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General Michael Flynn declares that the storm has arrived and the people need to rise up

General Michael Flynn has declared that “the storm has arrived” and has urged millions of Americans to “rise up” and fight to save America before it’s too late.

Lt. General Michael Flynn took to Twitter on Monday and wrote “Yes, the storm has arrived” in response to a video of Senator Chuck Grassley revealing a foreign national who bribed Joe and Hunter Biden has over 17 audio recordings of both Joe and Hunter Biden:

General Flynn: “Yes, the storm has arrived.

Now it’s between competing clouds of those who are woke in the USG, the media, and the corporate world (all losing by the way) and those who think they are taking Donald Trump down through this fake, false indictment and additional persecution (the WH). They are making him even more appealing.

The RINO establishment wants us all to move past Trump and get on with their lame attempts to govern the nation—that hasn’t worked for well over half a century. The Uniparty has yielded to the takeover of the communist left globalists.

#WeThePeople need to rise to the occasion and start to participate in every action and election going on in our communities.” reports: Flynn tweeted this out this afternoon.

General Flynn added more.

General Flynn is right, the more persecution Trump faces the more he appeals to voters.

In April, a poll revealed over 70% of GOP voters stand behind Trump as he faces numerous investigation and indictments.

In a recent phone interview with Americano Media, President Trump stated that the indictments against him have backfired because his poll numbers are “going way, way up!”


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