German Leader: Pandemic Was A Beta Test For The Globalists Totalitarian Agenda

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German MEP Christine Anderson

The so-called “covid pandemic” was a beta test, conducted by unelected globalist, to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global “emergency”, according to German MEP, Christine Anderson.

Anderson has been a vocal critic of the World Health Prganization, the experimental covid jabs and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset agenda since the start of the co called panemic.

Back in May Anderson told the European Parliament.“This whole COVID madness, this so-called pandemic, it was just a test balloon. A gigantic test balloon. For what, you ask? To see how far they could go, to see what exactly they would have to do to get free individuals in a free and democratic society to consent to be enforced into compliance”

The German leader said that the ulitmate goal “is to transform our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies”

She said they want “to strip each and every one of us of our fundamental rights, of freedom, democracy, the rule of law. They want to get rid of all of this.”

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now… For god’s sake, stop complying. Start rebelling. They are out to get you if you do not resist.”

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