Germany Admit Israel ‘Hugely Profit’ From Middle East Crisis

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Germany accuse Israel of profiting from Middle East crisis

Germany has admitted that Israel hugely profit out of rising tensions in the Middle East, in an unusually candid statement to the press. 

Norbert Roettgen, head of Germany’s parliamentary foreign affairs committee, told Reuters that the crisis in the Middle East helps to distract attention away from the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Israel was profiting from tensions elsewhere in the region, which had shifted the focus away from the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and in-fighting among Palestinians. reports:

He also admitted that ‘only a two-state solution will be sustainable’:

We do not believe that the current situation is sustainable. We think it’s necessary to make another attempt to revive talks and negotiations in the framework of the Middle East process.

He also told the media:

All those who care deeply about Israel … are sad, even depressed, about how entrenched everything is, and how much Israel is relying on its military-police superiority and is not developing any perspectives for the situation.

Roettgen will meet with the Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu this week.

In March this year, Netanyahu was snubbed by Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel when she canceled a summit that was scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in May, on the grounds that she was concerned about Israel’s further illegal invasion of the West Bank.

I can only dream of a World in which political leaders refuse to cooperate with war monger psychopaths like Netanyahu.

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