Ghislaine Maxwell’s Memoir Will Expose VIP Pedophiles Who Are Still Running the World Today

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Ghislaine Maxwell's tell-all memoir set to expose super VIP pedophiles who run the world

Jeffrey Epstein’s child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is writing a “tell-all” memoir that she says will expose super VIP pedophiles who are still running the world today.

According to reports, Maxwell’s memoir will expose the truth about her job procuring children for some of the most powerful people on earth. Maxwell says the names that have been released to the public so far are just the tip of the iceberg.

A source close to Maxwell told reporters:

Max says the documents in the news are all false or misinformation. The truth will only come out when her book does. reports: Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking in a federal trial back in 2021, which revealed how she had enticed vulnerable young women into Epstein’s circle. 

The unnamed source claimed that Maxwell had already finished the memoir but was waiting for the “right moment” to publish it. 

However, they also detailed how she is struggling to adapt to life behind bars: 

Max is just not the same, upbeat person she was a year ago. She’s lost all confidence, she just mopes around depressed all day.

Last Friday at Shabbat she got there five minutes before candle lighting. She told the chaplain he didn’t call her early enough. She threw candles at him, cussed him out and left.

Last week, Maxwell also made the explosive claim that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, a theory that has gained popularity following his alleged suicide in 2019. 

“I believe that he was murdered,” she said in an interview with Britain’s TalkTV. “I was shocked. Then I wondered how it had happened.”

However, the former socialite failed to show much contrition for her victims and instead insisted that she was not aware of Epstein’s depraved sexual behaviors. 

“Epstein has died and they should take their disappointment and upset out on the authorities that allowed that to happen,” she said of the victims. “I hope that they have some closure via the judicial process that took place. And I wish them… to be able to have a productive and good life going forward.”

In October 2022, Maxwell admitted that meeting Epstein was the “greatest mistake” of her life:

Obviously, if I could go back today and I would avoid meeting him, and I would say that would be the greatest mistake I’ve ever made, and I would make different choices for where I would work. Obviously.

I think there are many women who can identify with my story. Many have either fallen in love with or had relationships with men that in hindsight they look back on and say ‘What was I thinking?’ I imagine there’s not a woman on the planet who would not think that about one or other of their boyfriends.

Regardless of whether Maxwell succeeds in publishing her memoir and shifting public opinion on the matter, one should not expect to see her back in public any time soon. She will become eligible for release in July 2037.

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