Gold Star Parents Want Biden To ‘Resign Immediately’ Say He Lied To Their Faces!

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gold star famililes of US soldiers

Gold Star families gave their first-ever testimony on the deadly Afghan withdrawal during a congressional forum this week.

Families of the thirteen US soldiers who died during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal publicly shared their heartbreaking stories and detailed their subsequent meetings with Joe Biden

They saod that they intend to fight for accountability from the Biden administration.

Testifying before Congress on Monday, the mother of Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola, Cheryl Rex, said Biden lied to her face by claiming his son Beau died fighting in Iraq.

“When he [Biden] approached me, his words to me were, ‘My wife, Jill & I, know how you feel. We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin.’ My heart started beating faster and I started shaking, knowing their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side,” Rex said, fighting back tears.

InfoWars reports: The disgraceful lie was told by Biden during a meeting just around 24 hours after the family learned their son had died.

U.S. Marine Darin Taylor Hoover’s Father Darren had strong words for Joe Biden and several administration officials, telling them, “Do what our son did. Be a grown-ass man. Admit to your mistakes. Learn from them so that this doesn’t happen ever again. You all need to resign immediately. Our sons and daughters have more integrity in their little toes than every one of them [Biden officials] combined. You owe it to our families here today and to the other Gold and Silver Star families that have gone before.”

Another Gold Star mom, Kelly Barnett, described how the Biden administration forced soldiers who were injured and soldiers who just watched thirteen of their friends and brothers-in-arms die to clean up the airport so it was up to par when the Taliban took over.

“They were told – ‘You gotta clean up the airport. We can’t leave it dirty for the Taliban…’ What kind of disrespect, what kind of hatred for our military,” she asked while crying.

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