Google Earth Security Flaw: Users’ Address And Phone Numbers Revealed

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A potential security flaw in Google Earth may mean people are able to find out a person’s home address and telephone number – simply by searching their YouTube username. 

Website announced the security flaw on Friday after discovering that his username gave away his home address in Google Earth. reports:

Look what comes up when you search my backup channel screen name “dutchsinsereloaded” on Google Earth ! My home address down to the block and street here in St. Louis Missouri!

For tatoott (my online youtube partner) it is much worse, not only his street and block, but his MOBILE NUMBER comes up !

For other youtube screen names, it appears their current chatter is now being geolocated, as well as their posting locations in some cases!


Above: Using google earth, searching youtube screen names returns this — Dutchsinse comes up at CERN, Tatoott1009 shows home address and mobile number, Dahboo77 comes up at the CDC, Suspicious0bservers comes up at the Hilton in Pittsburgh, Sheilaaliens comes up at the Newtown Connecticut Police Station. Professordoom1 comes up at a Walmart Supercenter in Los Angeles California (Jade Helm), dutchsinsereloaded goes right to my location in St. Louis Missouri.

If you search my main youtube channel, something even more strange happens — up comes CERN in Switzerland. Something I was talking about today in comments online! (doesn’t this mean my comments on facebook, and posts I share are being scanned real time and added to google maps search?!)

Our screennames on youtube are supposed to give us a sense of privacy, now its a target on your back, and a way for people to get your personal information that would otherwise be considered private.

A search on other youtube channels produces topics they are currently talking about, or their location as well.

This is why professordoom1 comes up at a walmart in Southern California, and why Dahboo77 comes up as being at the CDC — because they TALKED about these places recently … because our real time activity is now being made part of Google map search — which then searches Google databases for our information!

This does NOT explain why my home street, and tatoott1009’s home address and mobile number come up though.


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