Gov. DeSantis: “We Need a Reckoning” To Stop the New World Order

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Gov. DeSantis says we need a reckoning to stop the New World Order from succeeding in their tyranny

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has warned that unless there is a “reckoning” when Republicans take back control of Congress, the Deep State will continue with their agenda of tyranny against the American people.

Speaking with Fox News, DeSantis warned that Deep State agents like Fauci “criticized me every step of the way. He criticized us for having businesses open. He criticized us for having beaches open. He criticized us for having kids in school.”

“Over two years ago, we were the only big state in the country to have 100% in-person. He was a leading advocate for school closures,” DeSantis added.

“He tried to sow fear in the population and scare a lot of parents.”

“He did have constituency. At first almost everyone was following him. Then as more people saw, he had more people that rejected what he said, but he still had a lot of people that actually believed what he was saying,” the governor declared, adding that Fauci “was wrong on all the important issues.”

“My fear is if the Republicans take control, we need a reckoning on all of this because I think people like Fauci, what they are going to say in the future is, ‘Oh, we didn’t lock down hard enough. That’s why it didn’t work.’ And we can never go down that road,” DeSantis continued.

Watch: reports: Last week, Fauci claimed that he “never shut down anything,” and further stated “I was also one of the people that said we have got to do everything we can to get the children back in school.”

The comments prompted a now viral supercut of Fauci repeatedly saying “shutdowns” were needed and were good.

Fauci also claimed that lockdowns have not “irreparably damaged anyone” despite a mountain of studies and evidence highlighting how lockdowns and masking in particular have had massively detrimental impacts.


  1. Can’t Trust ANY polietian…We Know the agenda and if a polietian tried to stop ‘them’, he/she would more than likely be dead.

  2. And indeed, their day of reckoning is approaching quickly. We’ll enter a wonderful new world when the satanic cabal NWO is completely destroyed.

  3. the RUSSIAN/china war complex will stomp them to bits but we will be crushed along with the neo`s

  4. NASA should have never stopped their now they are Lights years behind and using a X project as thier backbone DUMB as it gets still after all these years

  5. Hey DeSantis — Put your money where your mouth is:

    1) Make it illegal for Florida to mandate injections or treatments of any kind for any disease process and
    2) Pull all legal protections from hospitals following federal covid guidelines or protocols

    Put up or you’re just another POS swamp critter telling lies and killing people.

    • You are quite the fool. RS is a good man and he cares about us. You can do what you wish, but don’t blame us.

      • well, I have my reservations as well. take the “say no gay” law. Desantis signed in that you can’t talk about alternative life styles until after third grade. hmmm. so forth grade and up is fine now? So the law just made it legal to teach alternative life styles to forth graders?
        Wasn’t it illegal to teach any of that crap in school prior to this law? I know when I went to school, teachers were not allowed to talk about sex, with the exception in health class. at a certain point. but it was vague.

        • Bingo.

          These marxists have been infiltrating like a cancer — one “law” building on another. This is a very real battlefield. And we are losing badly.

          • The amount of press Desantis is getting, it is obvious to me he is another trojan horse, like Trump was.

          • Absolutely, completely agree.

            Unfortunately, Discus will not allow anonymous up-voting so …..

      • You obviously don’t know jack about DeSantis signing legislation allowing the state to force vaccinate Floridians is they deem it desirable. It’s equally clear you don’t know anything about DeSantis signing legislation that extends legal protections to hospitals using federal soft-kill covid protocols. These protocols include:

        1) federal kickbacks to hospitals for fake covid statistics and fake covid diagnoses
        2) hospitals refusing to use safe and effective medicines like Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoquine
        3) hospitals using Fauci’s ultra-toxic drug Remdesivir
        4) vents
        5) death

        DeSantis should be leading the way to prosecute the Florida hospitals that engaged in this clearly genocidal fraud. Instead, he appears to be content with positive media coverage and fools like you waving the flag for him. DeSantis. Is. Compromised.

  6. Untul the people wake up and realize that it is against the freedom and democracy of the world they won’t be stopped Once people everywhere realize the truth of what the “great reset” really is, being simply the restoration back to the world before the French revolution, before the Protestant revolution and before Christianity then they will be crushed and being so dumb they won’t even know it.
    It’s exactly what Baronness Thatcher told you. England intends to build the world again. Back to Pharoah.

  7. trilate commission Runs the western world china and russia run the east and when china&russia decide to takeover the world they will or will wipe out the west unless the MADD vs MADD wipes out most of everyone

  8. We got a JUMBO no go stage one X bad joke NASA rocket that is worthless and zero back up they are dumber than dumb and putting tiles on the belly of the shuttle was nothing short of MURDER ONE!!!!! money pit for fratty cakeSS

  9. Both parties speaking about social issues, past insults, the sanctity of being an R or a D.. Where’s the beef?

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