HAARP Superweapon Being Used for ‘Apocalyptic’ Geowarfare, Romanian General Warns

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HAARP superweapon being used for geowarfare, official warns

A top Romanian general has warned that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was never closed down but is continuously being improved upon and used against the general population.

Geo-engineering expert Gen. Emil Strainu discussed the dangers of HAARP to members of the media Serbia. He referred to it as the “weapon of the apocalypse,” telling journalist Dragan Vujicic that it can be used for economic warfare, climate change and population control.

“The HAARP system has been in operation since 1993,” Strainu declared. “The number of antennas and transmitters has increased year by year, with more than 180 antennas and main generators in use. Today, HAARP has the highest power in its history and can carry out remote missions anywhere in the world.”

Infowars.com reports: Strainu explained three main directions in geoengineering. First is carbon geoengineering, which aims to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Second is solar geoengineering, which seeks to modify the amount of solar radiation absorbed and released into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Military geoengineering, the third direction, makes use of environmental modification technologies for military purposes in all three environments – land, sea and air. According to Strianu, the current “climate change” issue appears to be caused by such geoengineering projects secretly carried out for decades.

The most powerful HAARP installation is located in Gakona, Alaska which closed down in 2014 and went under the purview of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) two years later in 2016. However, Strianu pointed out that this was a cover by the U.S. Army and the Central Intelligence Agency to continue HAARP operations there.

HAARP possibly caused killer quake in Turkey, Syria

Strianu also recounted being at the UAF HAARP facility and discovering how the weapon is used. He shared that some of its applications include causing explosions similar to those caused by nuclear bombs; modifying the environment and creating hurricanes, tornadoes, waterspouts and tsunamis in areas where they do not normally occur.

The weapon can also generate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by stimulating areas prone to such phenomena. It can also alter brainwaves and control people’s thinking.

Given the general’s revelations, many on social media are pointing their fingers at HAARP for causing the massive February 2022 earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. The disaster left at least 54,387 dead.

Strianu is not alone in believing the existence of a geoengineering weapon. His fellow Romanian, Sen. Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca, argued during a speech at the Romanian Parliament that the earthquake in Turkey may have been the result of a geoweapon the globalists deployed against Ankara. According to the legislator, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s defiance of the globalists did not sit well with the latter.

Sosoaca pointed to “150 aftershocks of [the] devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first” as proof of the tremors being artificial in nature.” She added that geoweapons “have existed for a very long time” and have been “used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments.”

“Now it has been put into practice,” the senator remarked. “But no one thought that people would have to die — so many people and in such a terrible way.”

Numerous social media posts have claimed that HAARP is used to engineer storms and heat waves. Some have even suggested its use as a tool to hype climate alarmism and make people more receptive to climate lockdowns. Worse, HAARP has been claimed to be a tool for depopulating the world.


  1. Everyone knows. It’s old news. The real enemy in Serbia is Vucic Anyway Black rock have bought them now so Serbian will soon be nothing but black rock tenant’s.

  2. IT won`t work anywhere,only where it can defract.It won`t cause a earth quack.IT can be used a a weapon and it can be used to do good things with also.Been subjected to it since childhood back in the middle,but it has it`s limits of operations and use.Have learned most of it`s limits over the last 70 years of being subjected to it and the FULL ARRAY of synratronicl towers and satellites using A.I.Traffic control rooms over seeing traffic lights can are are used as a much more deadly weapon-all the time worldwide by the control group^^^ONE%

  3. SHEAR WINDS pin pointed down to even 20 feet wide throwing Rocks and trees at you and that is just at the low ranges of it`s power.It can shear wind tanks trees buildings and anything above ground into RUBBLE and if we live that long we ALL will see them in action.RED skys mean seek a under ground bunker fast!!!

  4. It was built to transport natural gas in a air borne force feild but it was stolen away to the weapons depts like anything they want.Like howard hughes`s worldwide broadcast satellites used in the japan summer games(1964) to worldwide broadcast from just syncon1&2 satellites taken away by BIG BROTHER by the fall of 1964 and given to CBS

  5. It was just used to set off Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. It sends very low frequency waves through the earth to a weak point in the earth’s crust. Like in China in 2008, the waves were aimed at the weak crust there continuously for 12 months before the crust moved. What’s interesting, and unheard of, is the first tremor, of the Turkey quake, was weaker than the second tremor, 9 hours later.

    HAARP was used on Hurricane Katrina too. Hurricane Katrina gained strength over Cold Water, and impossibility.

    Factcheck says it’s not true, that means It’s True.

    At least 56,000 people
    Non-fatal injuries
    At least 125,626 people
    At least 2.5M people
    People affected
    At least 24M people
    Buildings destroyed
    At least 200,089
    Property damage
    Approximately $109B

  6. A bounce off the ionsphere in inferred LIGHT not LOW FREQENCYs ALFs OR soundcasting as in sonic booms as SUBwoofies.NEEDs natural inferred SUN light which it narrows and build up into fused IF`s(SUPER HEATED) which effect all the fields in it`s path(AIR).Shear wind levels not normally seen in natural set.HURRICANEs are built by micowave satellite array since the first EL`nino`s in 200 years off the coast OF?.IT is now a super weapon for sure but many places and fields are outside it`s operational signals(IF) only whereas there has been war satellites arrays since 1950 MOST russian WAR satellites until the cuba missle/star fish prime near space high theater WAR-WW3 was a space war that than saw the space peace accords signed BECAUSE OF THE WAR!.SPACE JUNK and plastic in all seven seas will kill many more people and life forms than HAARp transporter.BUT look out for flying BS that will mislead many as things that don`t fly by them selfs can and will fly with A.I remote in control of the hAARp systems worldwide.THINK A MASS WIRELESS TRANSPORTER THA CAN LIFT AND CARRY MOST ANYTHING-IT WILL BLOW your mind if you ever see it in operational MODE.MASS MEDIA HYPER fake news has the MOMMER alien space invadding the earth on thursday BUT THEY SAY TRUMP IS CRAZY

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