Harvard Law Professor Says Tucker Carlson Could Be Guilty Of ‘Treason’

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Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson could face prosecution if Russia invades Ukraine, according to a Harvard law professor.

The famed law professor and author Laurence Tribe took to twitter to suggest that Carlson, could be guilty of “treason” should Russia “wage war” on Ukraine.

On Monday Tribe said: Led by Fox News Channels’ Tucker Carlson, the GOP’s Trump wing appears to be throwing its weight behind Putin,” he then added “If Putin opts to wage war on our ally, Ukraine, such ‘aid and comfort’ to an ‘enemy’ would appear to become ‘treason’ as defined by Article III of the US Constitution.”

The professor has since deleted the tweets and backpedalled on the accusation.

RT reports: Tribe’s tweet quickly stirred up backlash and, in a follow up tweet, which has also been deleted, the professor said he “should’ve been more careful” in his language as “we’re not at war with Russia.”

“Sorry if I misled you,” he wrote.

According to Article III of the US Constitution, treason against the US “shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

To be convicted of treason, a confession in court is needed or the testimony of at least two witnesses to “the same overt act.”

Carlson has criticized US President Joe Biden and his administration’s focus on a potential invasion of Ukraine, saying he should be focused on more domestic issues. 

“Russia is a very comfortable topic for Joe Biden,” Carlson said last week on his show. “He enjoys talking about it much more than talking about, say, inflation, or crime, or fentanyl deaths, or about how half the population of Haiti appears to be showing up in Florida in leaky boats. Those topics may interest you since you live in this country, but not Joe Biden.”

The Fox News host also claimed last year that the National Security Agency (NSA) had spied on him following efforts to obtain an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Carlson has received backlash for his views on Russia, but many jumped to the conservative pundit’s defense on Monday.


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