Has Lady Gaga ‘Woken Up’? Music Industry Speech Goes Viral

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Lady Gaga says that slowly but surely "she remembered" who she was, and explains why the music industry made her so unhappy

Has Lady Gaga 'woken up' to the music industry?

“We are unconsciously communicating lies”

This is Lady Gaga since waking up to the music industry. A refreshing and very intelligent speech. Has she possibly experienced some kind of an awakening?

In the video (below) Lady gaga describes why she was so unhappy and unfulfilled with the music industry, and what it is that made her want to quit.

I really don’t like selling fragrances. I don’t like wasting my time shaking peoples hands, smiling, doing selfies. It feels shallow. I have a lot more to offer,” she says.

She goes onto say that she felt sad at being overworked just to make music executives wealthy, describing her passion and creativity as having to “take a back seat“.

So what did i do? I started to just say no. I’m not doing that.  I’m not taking that picture.  I’m not going to that event.  That’s not what I stand for. Slowly but surely I remembered who I am,” the icon said.

Video: Has Lady Gaga ‘woken up’ to the music industry?