Hillary Clinton Says Newborn Babies Have ‘Zero Human Rights’

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Hillary Clinton says babies just hours before birth have zero human rights

Hillary Clinton has lashed out against pro-lifers saying that not only do unborn children have zero “constitutional rights” – even babies just hours away from being born do not deserve to be treated humanely. 

On ABC’s “This View” program on Tuesday, Clinton said a child about to be born has zero constitutional rights because “that is the way we structure it”.

Dailycaller.com reports:

Co-host Paula Faris asked Clinton about her comments from NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday where she said, “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Faris then asked Clinton, “At what point does someone have constitutional rights, and are you saying that a child, on its due date, just hours before delivery still has no constitutional rights?”

Clinton replied, “Under the law that is the case, Paula.”

The presidential candidate then affirmed her support of Roe v. Wade claiming it that it is “an important statement about the importance of a woman making this most difficult decision with consultation by whom she chooses, her doctor, her faith, her family.

And under the law and under certainly that decision, that is the way we structure it.”