Hillary Clinton Compares Herself To Wonder Woman

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Hillary Clinton has gone on record comparing herself to DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, leaving witnesses stunned.

Two-time presidential campaign failure Hillary Clinton has gone on record comparing herself to DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, leaving witnesses stunned and suggesting that “Blunder Woman” would be a more appropriate nickname for a character based on the former Secretary of State.

In a video message, which aired at the Women in Film Los Angeles’ Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills, Clinton began by thanking Women in Film for its “commitment to lifting up women directors, producers, writers, composers and executives.”

Then the former Democratic presidential nominee left jaws on the floor when she compared herself to the DC Comics superhero, claiming that both she and Wonder Woman were “saving the world.”

Now I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I’m going to, in part because it’s directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins,” Clinton said in the cringe-worthy video. “But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.”

Clinton’s taped video remarks were meant to honor actress Elizabeth Banks, who donated and campaigned for Clinton last year in the presidential election.

But nobody cared about that at the awards show. At the tables and backstage all the talk was about what Hillary Clinton’s superpowers would be if she was indeed the superhero that she seems to believe herself to be.

Making people disappear completely? Collapsing and then imitating a side of beef at 9/11 memorials? Lying a lot, sleeping a lot, and believing her own hype?

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