How To Get Out Of Survival Mode & Into Living Life Mode… NOW

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From Collective Evolution (source):  The amazing video that is posted below showcases an elk from a zoo saving the life of a tiny little marmot that is drowning in its water bowl. At first the people who work at the zoo assume that the elk is probably annoyed and just wants to get this little creature out of its water bowl, but he paces around the bowl and looks in for a long period of time. When the Elk finally devises a plan to get the marmot out he positions his head so that he can reach the little guy without his antlers blocking him from reaching the struggling marmot. What is amazing is after the marmot is rescued, the elk doesn’t just begin to drink, he actually starts to lightly tap the marmot with his hoof to be sure that it is alive. The elk literally rescued and saved the marmots life.

This is not the sort of thing that most of us would expect to happen in the wild. So what drove the elk to participate in this heroic act? The zoo officials say that because the elks basic needs are met, he is provided with shelter, food and water, the elk can use its brainpower to focus on other things. Because his sole thought process is not on how to ensure survival, he actually has time to have compassion and use his brain in other ways, like figuring out how to save the drowning marmot.

Check out the video below:

What Would We Be Capable Of If We Weren’t In Constant Survival Mode?

This all got me thinking. The majority of humans in the world are in constant survival mode, with the exception of children, some elderly people and the rich. We have to work, often in jobs we hate, just to be able to put shelter over our head, food on the table and have all bills paid. This is a huge burden for anyone to take on.

Imagine a world where all our basic needs were met. Where we didn’t have to pay for food that grows naturally from the Earth, where we could build our shelter from the land and maybe even had free energy technology available to us. Without the constant struggle and stress of trying to survive daily, what would we be capable of?

We could follow our passions and do as we please. We would no longer depend on the system to support us; there would be no constant struggle to survive. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that the system is designed this way?

How Can We Start To Step Out Of Survival Mode?

Many people are beginning to take small steps towards becoming sovereign beings. Something as simple as starting your own garden can do wonders to take some of the stress away from your daily life. You can easily grow your own food or even look into community garden projects! No yard? No problem check out 5 DIY Projects For People Who Don’t Have Space For A Garden.

Another important factor in taking control of your life is to try and pay off as much debt as you can. Carrying debt is one of the biggest factors that keeps us tied to the jobs we hate. Re-evaluate what you actually need in life, and what truly brings you joy. Try and save money to pay for things outright, this may mean you don’t always get the shiny new toy, but at least you will be free from having to slave away to pay it off. Obviously this is more difficult when looking into buying a house, but be reasonable with how much you can afford. Imagine the stress that would vanish from your life if you were debt free, and instead of working to pay off debt, you were working to save up money to travel, or build your own house.

Instead of waiting to get sick and then making a lifestyle change, look into what you can do now in your life to prevent diseases such as cancer. This can help you avoid costly medical services and pharmaceutical drugs.

These are just a few steps you can take now to begin stepping out of survival mode. Then maybe you will have more time to do what truly brings you joy, and maybe even free up space in your brain to begin to figure out how you can actually make a living doing what you love.

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