Huge Solar Storm Expected Today, Possible Geomagnetic Disruption

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Huge solar storm expected on 16th August 2015

A CME blast from the sun is expected to hit the earth a day earlier than anticipated, and its impact will be a strong G3-class solar storm, likely to cause geomagnetic disruption on Earth. 

The storm is expected to arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning, following a CME ejection from the surface of the Sun on August 12th. reports:

Sanjana Greenhill observed these auroras just before sunrise over Anchorage, Alaska:


“The Northern Lights were very bright,” says Greenhill.

The CME  that caused the display was propelled toward Earth by a magnetic filament, which erupted on the sun August 12th. A fast-moving solar wind stream is expected to arrive in the wake of the CME.

The combined impact of the CME and arrival of the solar wind could energize geomagnetic activity for the rest of the weekend. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

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