Hundreds Of Birds Mysteriously Drop From The Sky Mid-Flight Over Mexico

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Hundreds of birds mysteriously fell from the sky in the Alvaro Obregon area of Cuauhtemoc city, Mexico last week.

The birds, identified as yellow-headed blackbirds, were caught on CCTV as they suddenly fell to the ground together on February 7

When police were called to the scene at around 8:30am, they found dead birds strewn across the sidewalk.

RT reports: Some of the flock is seen flying away, while others remain motionless on the ground.

The incident itself is understood to have occurred at 5am. Yellow-headed blackbirds travel south to Mexico from Canada each winter.

A vet who examined the dead birds suggested they may have died after inhaling toxic fumes, perhaps from a heater, according to local paper El Heraldo de Chihuahua. The vet also proposed that the birds may have been electrocuted by power lines.

Some social media users have suggested the incident could have been a murmuration – the collective movement of bird flocks often involved sudden changes in direction – which went wrong.

Dr.Richard Broughton, an ecologist with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, agreed, saying he was almost sure that a predatory bird drove the murmuration crashing towards the ground.

A similar phenomenon was seen a week prior, as 200 birds mysteriously dropped dead from the sky near the villages of Waterston and Hazelbeach in Wales.


  1. They didn’t just drop dead. It was a large formation that for some reason crashed into the ground and a few birds were killed by that collision. If hundreds of birds had been killed, there would be hundreds of birds lying on the ground, and there aren’t.

    • The 5g thing, I am told truths and waves they use are millimeter waves, then 5G could not do this. I used to work with millimeter waves for a couple of years. Millimeter waves are very short ranged, they get eaten up by the atmosphere in very short distances. So this is why I am confused why they chose this wave length. it can not penetrate but 3 milimeters of skin, not vegetation. so there will have to be an antenna around every corner to avoid service shadows. if you step behind a tree truck, you will lose your signal.
      So something does not compute about this 5G thing, and I don’t know what it is.
      Even x rays, they are quickly eaten up by the atmosphere. If you take a security x-ray out of an x-ray machine and pointed it at someone 20ft away, there would be little x-ray hitting that person. but if you move close, there will be damage to that person.
      My guess is that 5g is not the weapon directly. My guess is that 5G will help the Satanist control their robots and drones and data collection much better. but the problem is for them is, a 50 cal sniper rifle will knock out their grid fairly quickly.

      • Not sure if you saw it last month but here in the US they were scaling back the launch of some of these 5G networks because there were major concerns it was going to interfere with the electronic systems of commercial aircraft. Ironically this was even covered by mainstream news. That to me tells me there may be more to this than meets the eye.

        • yes, I can see the possibility of frequency interference, but not physical damage to the body. even if they injected mico bots i our bodies, the millimeter waves could not pentrate the epidermis to provide control signals for the micro bots. I personally not a fan of the micro bot theory.
          I do think they are injecting people with chronic poisons of different types. But not micro bots.
          they want us dead. when they get the population down to what they want, they can control everyone fairly easy. right now their goal is to kill us.

          • That is kind of what I was alluding to. The 5G disoriented the flock and some crashed into the pavement, thereby dying from injury.

    • the birds could have been sickened and feeling under the weather and miscalculated their dive and pull up timeing.

  2. the birds follow the ass in front of them, the led bird made a miscalculation in relation to the ground and the other asses followed them into the ground.
    Happens with human pilots at airshows all the time.

  3. Black birds? This has definitely got something to do with far right white supremacists. Shut the whole place down and freeze their assets. I’m going into hiding.

  4. Don’t follow Dumb leaders.. the bird follows the one in front of them, so when the leader birds take a big risk eg dive bomb and pull up just before the ground the rest of the formation don’t have time to react and pull up in time

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