Hundreds Protest Against U.S. Support For Mexican Drug Cartels

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Hundreds Protest Against U.S. Support For Mexican Drug Cartels

The abduction and killing of 43 Mexican student activists have sparked nationwide protests in the country. And now Mexican-Americans across the United States have taken to the streets to show their outrage over the students’ tragic fate.
Protesters say that the drug related violence and political repression has directly been facilitated by the U-S government. They accuse Washington of supplying the Mexican government and the drug cartels with weapons and training. Miriam Martinez pointed out that funding and weapons from the US are not fighting drugs, but rather are being used to kill innocent civilians and perpetuate drug wars. Christopher Ortigoza pointed out that many of the armed people in the narcotics-linked criminal organizations have actually been trained by the US government. Ortigoza also pointed out to a military training program located in New England, which is said to be linked to many deaths of Mexican civilians. All across Mexico, community militias are being formed to fight the drug cartels independently of the state. Protesters say that the Mexican government is extremely unpopular and corrupt, and would be toppled if it were not supported so heavily with funding and weapons from the US.

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