Hungary Vows To Fight George Soros’ Plan To Flood Country With Terrorists

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Hungary rejects George Soros' plan to flood country with terrorists

Hungary has vowed to fight George Soros’ plan to flood the country with illegal immigrants and terrorists, and has warned it will resist EU attempts to impose compulsory migrant quotas. 

Lajos Kósa, a member of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, warned that Soros is ramping up his efforts to push for open borders across Europe. reports: Kósa cited Soros’s transfer of 130 million Hungarian forints to the Association of Alternative Communities (AKE), one of several NGOs he described as “sham charity civil organizations” whose primary purpose is really “political activities”.

Not content to remain on the defensive, however, Hungary has also announced it will send men and materials to Macedonia, which lies nearby but outside the European Union and not directly on its borders, to help it strengthen and patrol its border with Greece, until at least October 2018.

Swamped by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants at the height of the migrant crisis itself, Hungary was one of the first countries in Europe to recognise that a robust, no-nonsense approach was needed, rapidly rolling out a protective fence along its frontiers which was later reinforced and upgraded with monitoring equipment, and manned by a significantly expanded border force.

Budapest’s strong borders approach achieved results — illegal immigration was cut by over 99 per cent — but was unpopular in Brussels, where the European Commissioner for Migration has argued that a massive inflow of non-Europeans is “is deeply intertwined with our policies [and] an economic and social imperative for an ageing continent”.

Indeed, the EU establishment is seeking to “manage” the migrant crisis by redistributing migrants throughout its member-states through a compulsory quota system, and also establishing “legal routes” to Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.


  1. If Soros declared war on your country…well you know how to fight a enemy fighter dont you? No warning, no trial, you just shoot back.

  2. Would it not be best and easier to kill George Soros, put a bounty of 25 million dollars on his head in a bag and let the chips fall where they may.

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