Joe Rogan: ‘Trump vs Biden Like Mike Tyson vs Toddler’

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Joe Rogan compares Trump vs Biden as Mike Tyson vs 3 year old

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan compared presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden going up against President Trump as akin to a toddler trying to compete with Mike Tyson in a boxing ring.

“It shows you how crazy the system is that they wanted him,” Rogan said of the Democratic Party.

“That they wanted Biden to be their guy, that they don’t, they can’t admit that he’s in cognitive decline. I mean it’s very strange,” he added, referring to Biden’s continued cognitive decline.

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“Look if someone wants to ask me questions about things that I understand like MMA or like comedy like if you want to ask me questions about things that I think about and talk about all the time, I could talk to you and really clearly about those things and make a lot of sense,” Rogan noted.

“[Biden] can’t do that about politics and he’s been a politician forever… he’s a guy who’s suffering.” he added.

Rogan also noted that given the current situation in the US with the coronavirus, Biden’s chances are even more remote.

“Right now, we’re in the shit right we’re in the April shit is the worst time of the corona. A lot of people are dying… So and then you go June, July, August, hopefully everything’s up and running again economy starts coming back on track. Trump makes a couple of great speeches but Biden is more in decline. It’s not gonna get better.”

Rogan urged that Trump is “already dismissing” Biden, adding “He’s gonna destroy him. He’s gonna kill him man. I mean it’s such an easy target, it’s like Mike Tyson versus a three-year-old.”

Just in the past couple of days, Biden displayed his decline numerous times:

ast week Rogan was set upon by leftists after proclaiming that he would rather vote for Trump than Biden, because the latter “can’t handle anything”: