Hungary Passes Law Banning Normalization of Transgenderism to Children

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Hungary passes law banning promotion of transgenderism to youngsters

Hungary has passed a law that bans showing children material that normalizes transgenderism in education, television, movies and advertisements.

The vote passed in Hungary’s National Assembly on Tuesday by a huge margin of 157-1.

“The law was included in a larger bill cracking down on pedophilia by creating a register of child sex offenders, implementing stricter punishments for child pornography, and barring pedophile offenders from jobs where they would encounter children. It also singled out the promotion of LGBT affairs in schools,” reports RT. reports: According to a statement by ruling party Fidesz, the law ensures that sex education in schools “must not be aimed” at “promoting homosexuality” or “changing gender.”

Television shows, movies and advertisement are all also banned from showing any content deemed to be promoting homosexuality or transgenderism.

After left-wing lobby groups opposed the law, protesters took to the streets of Budapest to demonstrate against the law.

However, their sentiments are not shared by the population, which voted overwhelmingly for right-wing Fidesz when the party was re-elected in 2018.

Hungary is one of few European countries that actively tries to protect its family-oriented and Christian heritage by moving to stop children being exposed to harmful information and lifestyles.

The country’s populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has cultivated support for his efforts to defend the sanctity of the family in the face of rampant progressivism in other European countries.

Last December, Hungary passed a constitutional amendment affirming the right of children to identify with their birth gender and defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Asserting that Europe’s native population decline represented a “sickness,” Orbán also oversaw a program to offer significant financial incentives for the country’s own native citizens to have children, handing out €30,600 loans to married couples who have three or more children which are completely forgiven after the birth of the third child.

While major institutions in the United Kingdom and U.S. embassies all over the world now fly the LGBT flag above their buildings, a rainbow-colored statue erected in Budapest by leftist activists in honor of Black Lives Matter was demolished within 24 hours.

Last week, Orbán also defended Hungarian football fans who booed Irish players ‘taking a knee’ for BLM, asserting that the gesture was a “provocation” based on white guilt over slavery and that Hungary would not be partaking in the virtue signalling act.


  1. It’s a Satanism And promoting transgenderism to children who they claim are too immature to even have sex till they’re 18 is pure hypocrisy. Tony Curtis said we are all half man half woman ,and I think that’s normal The Buble says God created them Male and female he created them both. The concept if alpha mach males and delicate petals needs to re evaluated ,not gender reassigned Stereotyped views need to be reevaluate..Children don’t need to mutilated

  2. Militant queers have disproportionate power in America. They really make up only 1 % percent of population (if that) but wield immense power. Homosexuality is definitely contrary to nature.

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