IMF Orders US Tour Operators Not To Pay Greek Hotels

Fact checked

The IMF has allegedly ordered US tour operators in Greece to “withhold payments to Greek hotels for services used”.

Greek blogger Alex Andreou has said that the aim of the IMF is “to crush us is their aim”.

Skai TV, one of the news channels in Greece, has reported that payments are being redirected to the IMF to pay the countries debt. reports:

If accurate, the measure illustrates how the IMF is prepared to impose draconian capital controls directly on Greek private business owners in order to recover the debt.

“If this is true, disgraceful. If IMF exceeding their authority, hope they get sued,” wrote one respondent to the report. “Pure thuggery,” added another.

Meanwhile, German chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out any new negotiations on a bailout deal before Sunday’s referendum. According to polls this morning, Greeks are likely to vote “no,” rejecting the bailout out and potentially leading to Greece’s exit from the Euro single currency.

However, some speculate that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras could cancel the referendum altogether.

The Greek government has denied reports that it has completely capitulated to creditors’ demands, instead asserting that a series of amendments to the deal have been proposed.

Greeks are already laboring under capital controls which restrict cash withdrawals to 60 euros a day.