Incredible Map Photos Show What 8 Cities Will Look Like If Sea Levels Rose

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Have you wondered what London, New York, or Los Angeles would look like if sea levels suddenly rose?  Well, a cartographer has created maps of various cities across the globe showing what they would look like if cities were to be suddenly flooded by rising sea levels.

From his post on [1]:

Like all my other sea rise maps, these are based on numbers provided by the IPCC [2].

1. The New York Sea

For all of these maps, I am not portraying any sea level higher than what is possible. The IPCC has estimated that the total rise would be about 66 meters [2].

sea levels

2. London Drowned

No clever names for this one yet, but here are the base maps for London, at 40m and 66m of sea level rise.

sea levels


This map shows 40 meters of sea level rise. Only 2/3 of the world’s ice sheets melted to produce this archipelago.

sea levels

4. Palm Springs Bay

As the oceans rise, the Gulf of California will inundate the Imperial Valley, and finally reach its ultimate level in the Coachella Valley. I imagine there will be far fewer golf courses, but hey, plenty of opportunities for yacht moorage!

sea levels

5. Vancouver Archipelago

Perched at the western edge of the Fraser Sea, the Vancouver Archipelago holds what remains of a great western city.

sea levels

6. Bay of L.A.

sea levels

7. San Diego Sea

sea levels

8. Islands of Portland

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