LA Health Officials Say Maskless Emmy’s Did NOT Violate Rules Because ‘Hollywood Elite Are Protected & Special’

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LA County health officials admit maskless Emmy's was allowed because Hollywood celebrities are a protected class of people

Covid mandates are only for lower class Americans and the elite are now openly rubbing it in our faces.

Not a single Hollywood celebrity wore a face mask on Sunday evening’s Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

Maskless celebrities could be seen hugging and kissing on camera at the awards ceremony, while their ‘hired help’ were forced to stay muzzled throughout.

LA health officials announced on Monday that the celebrities didn’t violate the county’s mask mandate because there are a protected class who deserve special exceptions. reports: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health told CNN reporter Oliver Darcy that the maskless Emmys were not in violation of the county’s mask mandate because “exceptions are made for film, television, and music productions” since “additional safety modifications” are made for such events.

And by “additional safety modifications” they mean the hired help and the servants were wearing masks so it’s all good, because science.

Fewer and fewer people are tuning in to watch a bunch of drug-addled narcissists give each other awards while forcing their slaves to wear masks.

Sunday night’s viewership was up slightly from last year’s abysmal 6.4 million viewers – but it was still a dumpster fire.

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