Is Obama Helping ISIS?

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A fascinating article from The Voltaire Network was released recently which highlighted some interesting points about America’s recent airstrikes against ISIS.  The article says:

In ancient Greek theater, every spectator knew the tragic end of the play in advance. The characters, blinded by the gods, continued to act out what they pretended to reject with their words. But the choir revealed the projects of Destiny for the spectators.

The tragedy that is being played out at Kobané (Arabic Ain al-Arab) was written to conclude with the announced genocide of 300,000 Syrian Kurds. The Islamic Emirate has already taken control of several parts of the city and many surrounding villages. If the Syrian Arab Army fails to breach the lines of the Islamic Emirate to save them, they will all be killed.

The Kurdish population is defended by PYG (autonomist party supporting the Syrian Arab Republic), but Turkey has closed its border so that civilians cannot escape and the reinforcements of the Turkish PKK (separatist party linked to PYG) cannot arrive.

Kurdish forces are controlled by Mahmoud Barkhodan, assisted by Narine Afrin (real name Mayssa Abdo). The choice of a woman as second in command has caused panic in the Islamic Emirate, the jihadists being convinced that they cannot enter heaven if they are killed by a woman.

Faced with the Kurdish resistance, the Islamic Emirate has transferred most of its forces to Syria to crush Kobané.

According to our analysis, repeatedly stated in these columns and in many radio and television stations in Latin America, Russia and the Muslim world, the Islamic Emirate is a creation of the United States tasked with ethnically cleansing the region in order to remodel it. Everyone can see that the soothing declarations of US leaders are belied by their military action on the ground, not against, but in favor of the Islamic Emirate.

The Coalition has conducted six waves of bombings in Kobané. It never targeted positions of the Islamic Emirate and has caused it no loss. However, it holds at a distance further south and west, the Syrian Arab Army which fails to open a breach to save the people.

The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (pro-Israeli) refuses to help Syrian Kurds, with whom it has been in conflict for a long time. To justify this passivity, it argues that it does not have direct access to Syria.

Turkey, a NATO member, refuses to assist Syrian Kurds threatened with genocide as long as they do not give up their independent status in Syria and as long as they do not join NATO’s fight against Syria and its elected President Bashar al-Assad.

According to PYG fighters, Turkey daily supplies weapons to the Islamic Emirate and welcomes its wounded into its hospitals, while they themselves have the greatest challenges to transport injured Kurds to Turkey for medical treatment.

In Turkey, the Kurdish Islamic splinter group, Hur Dava Partisi (formerly named Hezbollah in order to create confusion with the Lebanese resistance), went to war against the PKK (Kurdish majority party in the country). The Hüda-Par (abbreviation of Hur Dava Partisi) is supported covertly by AKP chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan both to fight against Kurdish separatism and to support the Muslim Brotherhood.

On August 30th, a leader of the Islamic Emirate, Hikmet, and two of his bodyguards were killed by the PKK in Istanbul where they were staying at the invitation of Hüda-By and under the protection of the Turkish police.

In a text message sent to all its members, the PKK gave the instruction to physically eliminate all members of Hüda-Par, accused of working for the Turkish government and assisting the Islamic Emirate.

On October 10th, making a comparison with the Srebrenica massacre (Yugoslavia, 1995) the special UN envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, challenged Turkey to open its border to prevent the fall of Kobané and the genocide of its population. He demanded in vain that Turkey open its borders.

The head of the US Coalition, General John Allen, also publicly called upon Turkey to open its border and prevent the genocide of the Kobané Kurds. However, it does not appear that the Turkish refusal has altered relations between Washington and Ankara, on the contrary.

Turkey’s new foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, said his country would not intervene as long as the Coalition formed by the United States against the Islamic Emirate (of which Turkey is a part) did not decide to impose a no-fly zone in northern Syria and has not given as its objective the overthrowing of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Moreover, the Turkish parliament authorized the government to fight both the Islamic Emirate and the PKK.

Receiving Mr. Çavuşoğlu in Paris, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, supported the idea of ​​creating a “security zone” in northern Syria, without specifying exactly what he meant by that, but emphasizing his agreement with Turkey.

France, also a NATO member, is directly providing weapons to the separatist Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, without authorization from the central Iraqi government. The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq expanded its territory by 40% in coordination with the Islamic Emirate when it seized the Iraqi Sunni Arab area. In previous years, France politically supported the Turkish PKK (pro-Syrian), she now provides militarily support to the (pro-Israeli) Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.

Currently, the airspace in northern Syria is controlled by the coalition led by the United States. The Islamic Emirate has aircraft (MiGs stolen from Syria and F-15s stolen from Iraq), but has few pilots and technical staff to use them. The creation of a no-fly zone by NATO in Syria, in addition to being a flagrant violation of international law, would therefore have no impact on the ongoing fighting.

The idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone in Syria was promoted by Israel, which sees it as a means to dismember this country, along the lines of what was done from 1991 to 2003 in Iraq (in favor the current Kurdistan Regional Government). However, the only valid comparison to be made is with the buffer zone imposed in 1983 during the Lebanese civil war. Felt like an open recolonization of Lebanon, it turned into a fiasco after the elimination of 300 American and French soldiers.

In Turkey, the PKK multiplies demonstrations to force the Erdoğan government to reopen the border. 31 people have already been killed by the police during the suppression of the protests.

The only question is how long will the Syrian Kurds resist alone against jihadi armed and funded by the United States pursuant to a vote of Congress assembled in a secret session in January, 2014. In other words: when will Washington and its allies manage to ethnically cleanse northern Syria by their creature, the Islamic Emirate?

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