ISIS Massacre Libyans In Sirte, Gaddafi’s Home Town

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The world looks away as ISIS massacre Libyans in the city of Sirte

Jihadists take over Sirte airport
Local gunmen are fighting ISIS militants in the coastal city of Sirte, the home town of the former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

After the removal of the former Libyan regime, the West looks on as Libyans take up arms to defend themselves against ISIS in North Africa.
Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power mainly due to the help of Western NATO powers in 2011. Gaddafi was known as the ‘king of kings’ and the man who was going to bring prosperity to Africa through a new financial system away from the IMF, The World Bank, and other western banking institutions.

After his removal on the account of being a typical African career leader/ruler/dictator, long term governor, he was replaced by two opposing governments in Libya, and his dreams were extinguished as he was lynched on camera during the 2011 Libyan uprising. Instead the present Libyan State, controlled by opposing factions, are all asking the West for help to stop the massacre in Sirte and other parts of Libya, specially among Black Africans, formerly loyal to Gaddafi. Former Colonel/King Gaddafi would never have imagined what might befall his country after his demise.

Middle East Online reports:

A Sirte council official said earlier that the fighting erupted Tuesday as authorities in the militia-held capital Tripoli, opposed to Libya’s internationally recognised government, announced the launch of an operation to retake the city from ISIS.

“A real war has been going on in Sirte since Tuesday,” the council official said.

ISIL militants in the coastal city of Sirte

“ISIS militants and armed residents from the city have been fighting continuously,” he said, adding that Sirte was also being hit by air strikes.

The defence ministry in Tripoli, which was seized last year by a militia alliance known as Fajr Libya, announced Tuesday the launch of “an operation to liberate Sirte”.

It said the offensive was being spearheaded by “youths and residents from Sirte and our air force and revolutionary” fighters.

Locals fighting ISIS jihadists

The ambassador, who answers to the recognised government, said the clashes erupted after the ISIS assassinated an imam, or Muslim prayer leader, from the influential Al-Farjan tribe at the start of the week.

The jihadists have since been “massacring people, even killing people in their homes,” Abuhamoud charged.

Libya has descended into chaos since the fall of dictator Moamer Gathafi in 2011. It has two parliaments and two governments vying for power, one based in Tripoli and one in Tobruk in the east.

Only the Tobruk-based government is recognised by the international community.

ISIS, which already controls large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, has exploited the chaos in Libya, notably taking control in June of Sirte, 450 kilometres (280 miles) east of Tripoli.

The jihadists control an eastern district in Sirte, Gathafi’s hometown, known as Neighbourhood Three.

The Tobruk government has condemned the violence in Sirte and urged the international community to “assume its moral responsibilities” against ISIS.

It said Tuesday that world powers were using “double standards” by fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq and “turning a blind eye” to the growing presence of the jihadists in Libya.

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