ISIS Attacks Iranian Aid Convoy In Syria

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ISIS launched a mortar attack on an Iranian convoy trying to deliver humanitarian aid to people in eastern Syria

The aid convoy, comprising of 20 truckloads full of foodstuff, flour, medicine and clothes, was headed to areas recently recaptured in Deir ez-Zor.

It is not yet clear when the convoy will be able to continue its trip to the areas affected by violence.

One soldier is said to have been injured and the governorate building and its surrounding offices have been damaged.

Press TV reports:

Hezbollah said on its al-Manar website that the attack also caused material damage to nearby buildings and facilities. However, the resistance movement said, 1,000 tonnes of cargo remained intact.

Iran has been a main supplier of humanitarian aid to Syria, where millions of people have been affected by years of brutal militancy. The Iranian government has flown cargoes of aid to various parts of Syria concurrent with the government’s ongoing operations to liberate cities and towns from militants.

The Syrian government and allies, including Hezbollah and the Russian air force, have managed to recapture key positions from Daesh in Dayr al-Zawr. The Takfiri terrorist group has been purged from most of the provincial capital, which goes by the same name, and the operation continues to retake other areas to the east and north of the city.

Iran has repeatedly rejected claims that it is helping the Syrian government militarily, saying it has only deployed advisors to help the government in the battle against foreign-backed militants.

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