ISIS Preparing For Subway Attack In Russia

Fact checked

Russian authorities are urgently tracking down three ISIS militants who they say are planning to attack the subways in cities across Russia. 

Fort Russ reports:

Among them are two female suicide bombers, one of whom is a citizen of Saudi Arabia named Majida al-Salali.

“The citizens of Saudi Arabia and Tunisia went from Syria to Turkey, from where they planned to go to the territory of the Russian Federation under the guise of tourists,” said a source in law enforcement, — after which the terrorists are planning to organize terrorist attacks in the subway of Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

According to intelligence agencies, the terrorists are planning to arrange the explosions in just one day.

In addition, information was learned about two Tunisian nationals, who are the accomplices of Majida al-Salali, — terrorists named Bakri Habiba al-Adri and Abu Mashad al-Jorden. They are already listed as extremists, militants associated with ISIS.

Guidance has been sent to all heads of specialized law enforcement agencies.