Islamic Centre Launches Campaign To Refute Daesh

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As Sunni Muslims around the world celebrate Prophet Mohammad’s birthday on December 24th, the Sawab Centre, a joint initiative by the UAE and the United States to fight Daesh’s extremist ideology online, has launched a campaign on its Twitter and Instagram pages, refuting Daesh’s claims of following the teachings of the Prophet.


Gulf News reports:

The campaign aims to refute Daesh’s false claims of following the example and teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Centre has chosen the hashtag #MercyToTheWorld to convey a global message of Islam’s merciful and tolerant principles.

It also seeks to clarify through this hashtag that violent and radical actions by extremists bear no relation whatsoever to the real teachings of Islam and the practices of Muslims. #MercyToTheWorld campaign The centre has pointed out that the #MercyToTheWorld campaign comes as part of efforts to emphasise that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a symbol of peace, love, and mercy and called for tolerance, justice, and equality between all human beings, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. The centre also seeks through its many initiatives to counteract the destructive ideologies that terrorist organisations spread online to deceive and recruit young people.

These organisations often leverage texts and rulings from the history of Islam and the life of the Prophet (PBUH) that are falsified or taken out of context to serve deviant purposes.

The Sawab Centre has emphasised that it cooperates with all organisations known internationally for fighting terrorist ideologies, including Al Azhar which is leading these efforts.

The centre has commended its current collaboration with Al Azhar given the latter’s esteemed position and profound vision in dealing with regional and global developments, as well as its vital role in spreading the true and moderate vision of Islam. It also helps correct false interpretations, noticeable efforts in countering radicalism and terrorism, and the efforts of Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad Al Tayeb, Shaikh of Al Azhar, in promoting the values of peace, mercy, and justice among peoples and nations. Symbol of mercy Al Tayeb said the Prophet (PBUH) was sent as a symbol of mercy to all mankind, his direct mission being to serve the humanity, said the Grand Imam.

As evident in the Quran: ‘And We have not sent you, [O Mohammad], except as a mercy to the worlds’.

“Islam’s message is indeed a message of love and peace, one that prohibits the killing and shedding of blood. The violence that we see today is but an act coming from radical organisations that have no relation whatsoever to our religion or our Prophet.”