Israel Accused Of Apartheid As Workers ‘Priced By Ethnicity’

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Israel has been accused of allowing apartheid as workers pay varies according to their ethnicity

A leaflet offering cleaning services with different wages according to the ethnicity of workers, has sparked criticism and charges of racism after it was discovered in Tel Aviv, Israel over the weekend. 

The leaflet purports to help people who are looking for a legally documented cleaner, but who doesn’t wish to hire an Arab “for security reasons”. reports:

According to the ad, a cleaner of African origin costs NIS 49 ($12.69) an hour, while one of Eastern European origin is priced at an hourly rate of NIS 52 ($13.39).

The highest hourly rate of NIS 69 ($17.77) is for an Eastern European cleaner with an Israeli citizenship.

“The blatant racism is permeating Israeli society, pricing workers by race,” wrote Schneider in her post.

According to Channel 2 News, a reporter called the number advertised in the flier, only to be answered by a woman with broken Hebrew who confirmed the differential pricing, saying that she doesn’t influence the prices, but that “Eastern European workers are in fact better.”