Italy Elects Its First Female Leader Giorgia Meloni

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Italu Georgia Meloni

Georgia Meloni has becomes the first female leader in the country’s history after the Italian Center Right Party won big in national elections on Sunday

Meloni won in a huge victory for the country by rejecting the madness of the Woke agenda, mass immigration and the climate change hoax. She is now, unsurprisingly, being labelled as ‘far right’ and the successor to Mussolini!

Last week ahead of the country’s national elections, European Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen threatened Italy. She warned Italian voters that the European Union has ways to deal with rogue states that represent their people and ignore the globalist agenda.

Addressing the media and supporters in the early hours of Monday morning, Meloni said it was “a night of pride for many and a night of redemption.”

“It’s a victory I want to dedicate to everyone who is no longer with us and wanted this night,” she said. “Starting tomorrow we have to show our value – Italians chose us, and we will not betray it, as we never have,” she said.

NBC news reports: Meloni caught the public’s attention in 2019 when video of her “I am Giorgia” speech went viral. It was turned into an electronic dance music track by two DJs from Milan that has had 12 million views and counting on YouTube. Her autobiography was titled “Io Sono Giorgia” (“I am Giorgia”) and topped sales charts on its release last year.

She has compared her party to the center-right Conservative Party in Britain, but Meloni’s views will be familiar to anyone who has followed the rightward movement of Poland, the self-styled “illiberal democracy” of Hungary, and the nationalist populism of the Republican Party in the United States.

She has defended Viktor Orban, Hungary’s authoritarian leader, who is accused of demolishing democracy by packing his country’s judiciary and Parliament with supporters and giving himself the ability to easily create or change laws.                                                                

Meloni has bemoaned the chronically low birthrate in Italy — just 1.2 babies per woman, according to the World Bank, one of the lowest in the world — and spoken of a left-wing government plot to “finance the invasion to replace Italians with immigrants,” a main tenet of the “great replacement,” a conspiracy theory that accuses shadowy global elites of the wholesale importing of nonwhite migrants to majority white countries.

Her party’s manifesto says on its first page: “We are determined not to surrender to the economic, social, cultural and political decline of the nation,” before going on to link illegal immigration to drug dealing and urban decline.

“We live in a time in which everything we stand for is under attack,” she told the American conservative conference CPAC in February. In a speech on Tuesday in Palermo, she warned of the “violence” of Islam.

Brothers of Italy, whose name is based on the first line of the Italian national anthem, has roundly rejected any accusation of fascism or racial politics, describing such criticism as a left-wing smear from rival parties with nothing else to talk about. “In the DNA of Fratelli d’Italia, there is no fascist, racist, antisemitic nostalgia,” Meloni has said.

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