Janice Dickinson Has an Emotional Explosion on Television Over Cosby Rape

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Via FishWrapper (source):  Janice Dickinson not only maintains her position that she was raped by Bill Cosby back in 1982, but gave an interview aired on CNN last night that was pretty explosive, vividly recounted, and extremely emotional. In short, no matter how you feel about all of the Cosby allegations — and Janice Dickinson herself — it’s a difficult interview to watch.

Janice claims that she’d gone to dinner with Cosby. Janice states that she’d just gotten out of rehab for alcohol abuse, but accepted a glass of wine from Cosby’s musical director. Stu Gardner, musical director, left the table and the two of them alone. Janice began complaining of menstrual cramps — or stomach cramps; she mentions both in the interview — and had accepted a pill from Cosby, who claimed would take care of “that.”

After ending up in her hotel room with Cosby, Janice says she began blacking out and felt “humiliated and disgusted,” and “revulsion” toward him. Janice states that the last thing she remembers was Cosby “mounting” her, like the “monster that he was.”

What does she want from Cosby, though? Well, Janice states that she wants him to come out and admit that he’s a “pig” and a “monster” and that he raped her.

This was a pretty big deal of an interview … what are your thoughts?

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