Japan Celebrates Historic Robot Wedding

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Robots Frois and Yukirin officially tied the knot in Tokyo, Saturday, at Japan's first ever robot wedding.

The first ever robot wedding took place in Tokyo on June 27, with crowds or rather ‘wedding guests’ paying $81 to witness the historic occasion.

Frois, the groom, and his bride Yukirin walked down the aisle and even carried out a ‘wedding kiss’ at the event.

The bride wore white and the groom wore a black bow tie.

Japans first robot-wedding frois and android-yukirin

RT report:

The ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ are Frois, a robotic creation from iconic company Maywa Denki, and humanoid Yukirin, an android made in the likeness of a Japanese pop idol Yuki Kashiwagi, and developed by Takayuki Todo.

The robots officially tied the knot in a full wedding ceremony, complete with a cake, a (robot) wedding band and even a kiss.

Marrying the robotic couple was likewise a robot – Pepper, who was developed by Aldebaran for Softbank. It actually tends to customers’ needs on a daily basis at the company’s mobile phone stores in Tokyo.

Frois’s head is said to have been inspired by a bath stool, while there are considerably more sensible claims to fame by Yukirin, whose real version can be seen fronting the famous girl band AKB48. For the wedding, and possibly, for copyright reasons, the organizers had to change her name to Roborin.

A crowd gathered to watch the pair stroll down the aisle at central Tokyo’s Aoyama Cay on June 27. They had to dish out $81 for the pleasure of witnessing the ‘holy union.’

Mayway Denki – the creators – is a legend in modern-day Japan. Two brothers, Masamichi and Novmbichi Tosa, started it as an art unit back in 1993. At the start of their rise to fame the duo was incorporated into Sony Music Entertainment.

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