Japan Declare Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean

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Japan declare state of emergency as Fukushima reactor 2 falls into the ocean

Scientists at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan have declared a state of emergency as one of the reactors is on the verge of falling into the ocean. 

Lethal levels of radiation have been detected around the site which scientists say stems from a hole caused by melted nuclear fuel.

Rt.com reports:

Radiation levels of up to 530 Sieverts per hour were detected inside an inactive Reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex damaged during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe, Japanese media reported on Thursday citing the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

A dose of about 8 Sieverts is considered incurable and fatal.

A hole of no less than one square meter in size has also been discovered beneath the reactor’s pressure vessel, TEPCO said. According to researchers, the apparent opening in the metal grating of one of three reactors that had melted down in 2011, is believed to be have been caused by melted nuclear fuel that fell through the vessel.

The iron scaffolding has a melting point of 1500 degrees, TEPCO said, explaining that there is a possibility the fuel debris has fallen onto it and burnt the hole. Such fuel debris have been discovered on equipment at the bottom of the pressure vessel just above the hole, it added.

The latest findings were released after a recent camera probe inside the reactor, TEPCO said. Using a remote-controlled camera fitted on a long pipe, scientists managed to get images of hard-to-reach places where residual nuclear material remained. The substance there is so toxic that even specially-made robots designed to probe the underwater depths beneath the power plant have previously crumbled and shut down.

However, TEPCO still plans to launch further more detailed assessments at the damaged nuclear facility with the help of self-propelled robots.

Earlier this week, hopes for a more efficient cleanup at Fukushima were high, as the plant operator announced a portion of nuclear fuel debris responsible for a lot of the lingering contamination from six years ago may have finally been found.


  1. This will kill the entire ocean. The mainstream news have managed to sweep all this under the rug. The Pacific will die first followed by the rest of our oceans.

    • Even if this was real it wouldn’t kill the ocean at all. Some of the most varied life on the planet is in areas the US and Russia used to test nuclear weapons. So my guess is you are one of the Trumpanzee’s that believe alternative facts are the truth. Besides having a friend near here in Japan he would have said something and he laughed when I asked him about this.

        • Exactly. If its that high. 75 seems to be pussing it to me as he continues to engage us and call us names. Shows us all exactly what his brain is capable of. hahah Not too much as he melts down on every post.

          • Person with two first names. Did you even go to school? Goy play with your buddy Mikey.

          • Forgive my Fench, but Fut Q Charley Meckna. With that name, you can afford to make fun of other people?

          • You got it.. See Snowflake you want to come and talk shit about people who are educated. Go get some education and come back to the party so you can discuss with some kind of intelligence. rabid animals like you and tarded up Mikey are why our world is Fuked up. Just like your idiot post below this one to weathergeek. Worthless, inane Things like you someday will not matter in this world as you will be gone from it forever. RIP> animal with two first names….

          • Hey, that was almost a whole sentence! Your English is really coming along. Good luck!
            Uneducated? You just proved my point and then some.

          • Now I expect to see Stan from “Gravity Falls” yelling “fight fight fight” at the TV while two babies push each other and drool.. Geeze people, less ad hominem attacks and more actual info.

          • Conservatives are quick to designate any argument ad hominem when it involves unfamiliar concepts.
            There is nothing wrong with ad hominem statements. Those may be the simple truths that you are overlooking.

        • However, let’s just say that it’s way more likely that you’re a conservative.They love pollution and constantly argue in favor of highly polluting industrial practices, nuclear power, clear cutting, oil pipelines, coal mining, and other things one can easily associate with really stupid people.

          • For someone who is allegedly educated AND a “scientist” you are remarkably limited. A legend in your own mind, and only in your mind. Your posts are proof of it. Have they done an IQ Reductase assay on your spinal fluid yet along with the Inkblots? BTW: why don’t you post your list of publications in peer-reviewed journals since you graduated from college? Don’t bother listing any articles in which you are not named as one of the first three authors.

          • You do know not all scientists do research papers and publications. Those tend to come from the those that do research and or educators not those in the field working for businesses?

          • You stated below in one of your rebuttals to Charley M. that you did “research”. How does the company(s) you work for verify your findings if they are not subjected to peer-review?

          • Because I work for the feds currently as I only need another 10ish years to retire after my military service. I work with the Clean Water Act, Rivers and Harbors Act, and Endangered Species Act primarily. The things I assist in writing up end up in the Federal Register and are reviewed by everyone including the general public.

          • Would that be under the aegis of the EPA? I thought you indicated you worked for private” industry”. The Federal Register may be available – for the most part – to the general public, but information that could be classified as “Trade secrets” or could be used to obtain a patent is not, and they hold “closed meetings” regarding items entered into the register on a routine basis. Do you keep a bibliography of your work? (BTW – in answer to your query in a different post in this thread: my doc told me my IQ test was negative.)

          • Nope Army Corp of Engineers and the federal register is available unedited to everyone, most of the stuff on it also has had public meetings before they were published in either draft or final form. Nobody keeps track of all the things we do since we do thousands of different things a year mostly in teams. There is a database that keeps track but is not available to the public as it requires government access since it holds monetary information as well.

          • HYAHAH Tony Curti… say it.. Yea I blocked the idiots post so I can’t see what this Moronoligist posts any longer. Maybe I shouldn’t of blocked him seems I am missing out on some goods slams by some Educated folks like yourself. LOL. He is just a Troll at best with no kind of life at all. otherwise known as a “LIAR” It is sad to say we have people like him who comes out Attacking whatever they feel is different that what they are “Brainwashed” into believing the lies. I have fellow co workers who live in Hawaii that are doing radiation tests weekly and yes it is bad news for the coast there. Other sad part is I could post all kind sof data but yet people like this guy would still not get it. Tony Thanks for taking up the torch and burning this Branick chump with it. HAHAHAHA

          • I just took at look at your post. Exactly you are completely correct. That disaster is still flushing millions of gallons of Radioactive waste water into the ocean daily. The Japanese Gov and Tepco was at a lost as to what to do so they removed all the Radiative topsoil down 3 ft and bagged it, loaded it and drove it 500 miles away thousands of huge 4 yd bags and now the area they took it to is “OFF LIMITS” because of Radiation spike. This is insane.

          • Welcome..Tony Curti, I know from your posts you see and get it and this truth is for saving knowledge. I figure the best way for us to fight the Ignorance so many people post is the Truth of a documentary video..This video said it all. FIVE years later the buildings are Still blown apart on 3 reactors with melted fuel rods spewing about everywhere and still burning, with no hope of recovering these still active fuel rod for decades to come. Radiation levels are beyond what any human body can handle for 5 to 7 hours within 5 miles of the plant. The # 2 reactor, building wise is still intact but it is so Radioactive it can’t be entered by man nar machine to see why it is so radioactive so they have no clue what is going on in reactor # 2. The whole area and plant is overwhelmingly Radioactive as well for 10 miles around the area; Yet plus they don’t even possess the Technology to clean it up as “HE Said this Technology does not exist for it has not been Invented yet. WOW lol that was enough for me right there in them few wise words. What else needs be said or seen to say Holy Shit Man this is really Bad! Then we get Super snowflake Tards like Seafood Mike and ole two first names Franklin>Roosevelt post the maniac Brain Dead gibberish BS and fight against the Truth, Man it is just insane. Be Blessed My friend and keep the torch of Truth burning.

      • How can you be so sure? I’m fairly freaked out by this and have completely stopped eating all salmon caught in the Pacific.

        • I eat salmon constantly out of the Pacific and there’s no issues with them. NOAA also constantly tests and monitors them for everything. He’ll I have alost 100lbs of sockeye in the freezer from last year

        • Get your news from reputable news sources, the kind that don’t use a lot of emotional words and dramatic framing to tell you facts. The levels of radiation detected in the ocean are at the limits of what our devices can detect, just barely registering.

          • Having spent considerable time in Asia, I don’t really think anyone would know for certain about the effects of radiation on fish. It isn’t an unreasonable fear by any means. Radiation is dangerous. My Dad and his entire company got cancer after witnessing a nuclear blast. Call my reaction emotional if that makes you feel better, but just careful what you eat.No offense intended.

      • Maybe not, but it is pollution and it’s not good. We don’t know what effect it will have in the long run.

    • “This will kill the entire ocean.”

      No, it won’t. But, if it would, humans wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

      • Excuse me,. Sharing information don`t have to be personal. We are all in this together. Where did you find the word— Trumpanzee’s—? Reading books may not be so bad after all

          • Friends that live in Japan and the fact I work with our oceans. Besides the fact this is a known BS site.

          • If you think this site is a “BS site” then you have outed yourself as a troll intent on spreading lies yourself. Otherwise, why are you here? The FACT is you won’t escape the effects of Fukushima even as a troll.

          • Joan you have proven how ignorant you truly are. Believing in site that refuse to release sources, state who they themselves are, or even present true facts with sources shows how fake they are. Let me guess you still think the world is only about 6,000 years old to.

          • Joan,,.. Nice one. I like it. We need to stand our ground when Ignorance enters the post.

          • Oh yea the ole Friends did and gave it to me. They are uneducated as well. Sorry to say.

          • Mike good to hear you have friends who are up on this information for what’s going on and that you have first hand experience from being in the oceans to see and test the water for radiation and life. Very sad to hear this may be a Fake site spreading false information.

      • Mike , i’m in Maui, and since 92 ,we have lost 75% of our reefs. What was a living ecosystem is basically ugly rock now. No fish ,plants nothing… Id say it MAY be too late but we gotta still fight to save her….

        • Reefs are dying but it is not because of Radiation it is because of CO2 in the area and the Oceans have always been the safety net of the planet. CO2 when absorbed by the ocean turns into Acid which is what is causing ocean acidification. Which the rest of the civilized world is finally working to cut CO2 but the new buffoon president of ours wants to drastically increase ours to line his pocket book. I’ve watched over the years as several of my favorite dive spots have shrunk, though others have expanded, it really does depend on the area. Hawaii gets a double dose due to excess sulfur from the volcano’s. But the ocean is far from dead like the OP said.

          • Co2 levels have been going up and down for millions of years from volcanic eruptions and this never destroyed reefs before. Plants needs Co2!

          • Yes they have but not at the level and rate they are currently. We are releasing CO2 at levels well beyond what the planet can naturally fend off, which is what is causing the oceans to acidify. Which yes they have found ancient reefs that were destroyed because of Acidification in the past. There were also extinction level events due to the amounts of CO2, sulfur, and Methane in the air. All of which we are pumping into the air at record levels compared to any time in the history of man including all its previous forms.

          • Mike get a real job. I am an 25 yrs exp Environmental Engineer and you have no clue what your talking about. That power plant killed that ocean. Its called an “ECO SYSTEM” and it is all connected my friend. So please before you call people names like a rude creature acting like a barbarian instead of an informed intelligent human of this world adn sharing this world with us all. Also this world which by the way is all connected. Gets some real education as to how this planet works and stop listening to the LIARS attempting to program you to belive the redrick of UN-Truths of global warming. .

          • Hopefully you never engineered anything since you must suckered the your job. I am an environmental scientist who specializes in marine biology. I have also spent tons of time diving around the Pacific and doing that thing called research. I know you idiots in the GOP hate science as it proof you all to be idiots. But keep telling yourself you have a clue about anything Charley.

          • OH sure you are., that’s why you keep quoting your friend that lives in Japan.. Please Mike save it. And as for me being in teh GOP you have no clue what I am or belive in. Get a clue first mikey. Fellow humans posted to this and all you have done is attack. your not educated at all or you would’ve attempted to inform as any person of education is trained to do.,. So please buddy stop lying to us and your self.

          • Learn to read as well, my original comment was not an attack, though idiots like you think have ZERO clue about anything outside of there bubble is funny as hell. Besides you are obviously not an educator as educators do not spread lies or use fake sources like this site.

          • Mike when you call people names. WTH does it get you? NOWHERE< SO yes you did start the attack and so Sorry if you think differently. You knwo I remember one of my Professors. A Mr Pierce 35 Yrs ago telling to me share my knowledge with everyone I can with complete Humbleness and honesty so as to win them with kindness and love for the Truth. Have we been doing this or just slamming heads against a brick wall we created by our method of Information transfer.

          • And you shouldn’t be sharing false I formation if you are going to share anythong. Read the original comment and then say it is true. Because if you can everyone with a brain know Owsley you have no clue

          • So Mike the original comment was this one. “Djago • 2 days ago
            The Pacific is already dead” >I feel that “YES” I can agree with you Mike that Djago did not and does not know this to be a complete truthful statement unless he can support this ideal with information of proof that the Pacific is already dead, > However; Mike I feel this is a free world of conversation to learn and share knowledge or feelings, thoughts. and this person can post this. Don’t you feel the same way for what you post most times? Maybe that is how this person feels. So our intent if we are smarter or more knowledgeable that this person should be to relieve this person of their presumed “False or Factual” ideals by using FACTS or proof to either support or disavowal their beliefs so they can as we did to “Learn” the truth..> Not to attack them as you did with you First or Original comment that followed the next day. “Mike Djago • a day ago
            How is the pacific already dead? You must be one of those Trumpanzee’s that are missing their brain.” > WOW Trumpanzee adn missing a brain, Real Nice man. I say Mike this is a blatant attack. don’t you agree, “YES” Just as I agreed “YES” with you on the Original comment about the Pacific being dead Already and We truly can”t confirm this comment that it is truly DEAD Already. Mike you have continued this type of attacking towards anyone who did not agree with you. Why? and where did it get you or anyone of us?

          • Plus your way of conversation will never bring anyone to any truth if all you do is attack. We are educators was trained to inform and let the students make of it for their truth. As I said Make all you have done is cause Hurt and inflame peoples feelings while making divisions in what ever the Truth is you want to share., Is this how your Professor would have done it? Not the way mine did it !

          • Bull crap! CO2 has nothing to do with reefs dying. I’ll also call bull crap on John since 75% of the reefs have not been lost. BTW, given that a thousand gigatons of CO2 naturally flow through the ecosystem, and human activities (inclusing breathing) creates 30, explain how that trivial amount of CO2 is somehow changing the oceans which are extremely vast. Likewise when idiots talk about global warming raising ocean temps I start rolling on the floor and laughing. The oceans have 3500 times the specific heat of the entire atmosphere. This means that a 1C rise in atmospheric temp would take 3500 years to raise the ocean temp by 0.5C.

          • Please return to school before posting again Bob.

            When CO2 is absorbed by the ocean it goes thru a chemical reaction which turns it into carbonic acid which is what is raising the pH levels in our oceans. Normally the system can handle the amounts of CO2 that is naturally input into the system; however, thanks to man those levels are rising faster than the system can deal with.

            Coral Reefs are super sensitive to changes in pH as they are predominantly Calcium based critters that make the coral. When pH rises those calcium based critters die which means they are no longer creating new Reef and the reef bleach’s and dies. They are also hypersensitive to changes in salinity and the need for sunlight. Which as the glaciers melt the water becomes less saline and deeper which means less light reaches the coral habitat.

            While I would explain the rest to you including the ocean temp issue you are obviously not smart enough to understand it anyway. Since if you think it takes 3500 years to raise water temp in the oceans you have other issues.

            The rest i will leave you to look up on your alternative facts site you are obviously getting your info from.

            BTW JOHN said around Maui but of course selective reading is a strong suit of yours I’m guessing. Besides an estimated 22% of the Great barrier Reef has died.

          • actually old sport, I have a MS in Atnospheric Science from Cornell, and what you spewed demonstrates your illiteracy in science, but your goose stepping along with the leftist radical agenda. The factt that you believe miniscule amounts of CO2 can change the ph levels of the oceans dramtically is a fact that cant be ignored that demonstrates your lack of logical reasoning.

          • I’m guessing you meant Atmospheric but doubtful as you wouldn’t get excepted into Cornell with being so stupid. Let me guess you bought your degree from Trump U? That or you are one of what 0.001% of scientists that believe the junk coming out of the GOPs ignorant mouth.

          • Old sport, you are clearly a daft incorrgible libwit. Why not put that black mask on once again, and attend another soros paid for anti-Trump anti-American riot?

          • So its Anti-American now to not believe in being a Fascist and blindly following your orange god kings orders that are against the Constitution of the United States? Hell even the GOP is starting to wake up, well most of them, you must have fried all your brain cells already.

          • the only fascists I see are the “protestors” destroying property, beating peole up and rioting all because they dont agree with someone. That my friend is fascism, which you appear to be old sport.

          • BTW old sport, it is amusing to ibserve you libwits that couldnt care less about the constitution during the obama regime years, are all suddenly constitutionalists. Too funny.

          • Interesting so people who voted for Bush are now Liberals. But then again Obama didn’t make the mistakes since he is a constitutional Lawyer who followed the law.

          • old sport, obama is a constitutional moron. So tired of hearing he was a “constitutional lawyer.” Can you post a link to one of his scholarly writings on the constitution?

          • check his degree and you will see what he has, wait sorry forgot you can’t except a degree unless it is a fake one like you are saying you have and is not an Alternative Fact. Where are your scholarly articles?

          • Actually old sport, ,If you look ar my picture, not only was I accepted at Cornell, I graduated with highest honors, held a part time job through all four years of college, and earned All Ivy athletic distinction. What did you accomplish in college old sport, Oh right, you didnt attend, Apologies. BTW, nice annonymous picture. Tells us exactly who you are, a nobody.

          • look ar your picture? Anyone can get a picture mate its not that hard. Besides if Cornell is letting idiots like you get a degree it should be stripped of its academic certs. Since it is interesting when the rest of the top colleges around the world all agree but you don’t. My guess is you do like stealing others pictures and using the name on it. But looking up Robert Young they were all PhD not MS and are all archaic in age and now retired with 1 exception and doubt you are him.

          • Mikey is incorrigible and truly a lost cause. he lacks the awareness to even recognize how ignorant he is.

          • One more thing old sport, if your beloved coral reefs are so super sentitive, they are bound to adapt or die, since the earth, its atmosphere and oceans are constantly changing.

        • Joan you have proven how ignorant you truly are. Believing in site that
          refuse to release sources, state who they themselves are, or even
          present true facts with sources shows how fake they are.

        • I’ll take that as a compliment from an ignorant reject that I bet believes the world is only 6000 years old. Well that and can’t put together a sentence even remotely in the correct setup. But then looking at your posts it seems everyone else but you has mental competence issues.

          • Everything you say about Trump is about yourselves. You are narcissistic to the max. You are garbage: the lowest form of life.

          • So in other words I am a Trumpanzee like you? Kind of impossible for anyone or anything else to fill that roll as nobody can be that stupid and ignorant. Even someone that is brain dead is smart enough to stay away. But “I are brain dibility” according to you so I must be above your level.

          • Mike you proved your intent when you first attacked instead of engaging in a conversation of intelligence. Stating that this site could be a fake site and that maybe Co2 cold be whats causing some issues. But you didn’t do this you just assumed your the only one on this post with a brain. hahah Ass-you-sumed. You have more than proven to even us the lowest forms of life and with us being just as ignorant as you say we are just how Ignorant you really are, by you arguing with us these Stupid brain dead people. LOL

          • Charley you have already proven you are an idiot with your other posts. If you checked out this site you would know it is full of fake news created by right wing idiots that have been proven to be spreading lies. Not to mention if you any common sense which you obviously don’t you would know the reactor did not fall into the ocean. As unlike the GOP and attempting to hide all there lies Japan does not.

          • My Name is Charley Meckna and I am being notified on a post that I must provide who I am. What do you want me to do.

      • Mike, as much as you clearly need a good dose of isotopes on your cereal in the morning, I fear the world will not be that lucky. So I am going to give you as much attention as your small Hillary supporting, ‘it must be true cause my friend said so’, soapbox preaching, tiny infant brain warrants…… None.

        • must warrant some twinkle toes you posted. But how does your lack of anything science help you. Maybe the right should swear off anything done by science since you don’t believe in it. Means no more of anything from this age, and going back to just a fire, rock, and some sticks.

      • Actually, if they were Trumpanzees, they would want more nuclear power and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima never happened. Will it kill the ocean? Maybe create a dead zone off of Fukushima, but what’s more dangerous than contaminating the ocean (which is horrendous and criminal) is the trade deal we made with Japan.

        Japan Takes Food Spat With South Korea to WTO

        Follows fears of contamination of certain foods after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown

        Japan is suing South Korea because they refuse to trade with Japan. This is anti-capitalism.

      • It is the Liberals like you who preach Doom and Gloom constantly . I am not a fan of Trump but this is a bunch of B.S.
        Why keep blaming Trump and his supporters ????? I think you view is purely Politically motivated so therefore … INVALID .

        • Mike but are they not allowed their Opinion? I ask what makes you the one to tell them they are an Idiot or whatever? Could you not of handled it a bit better? See Mike if you truly work in the Oceans with Environmentalists I can well understand that you have more knowledge that teh Lets say Common Man. Plus it would be nice to any of us to receive this correct knowledge in a humble way or presentation. But Mike posting to people comments like your an Idiot or whatever is not going to educate anyone. It may anger them good but that’s about it. Plus you asked me for names of who I work for stating you may know them. Mike to be honest with you if you addressed any of the people I work with as you have people on here, lol the first time you did this you would need to find a need job! Also I sign confidential disclosure agreements to not give out such things as employers names, phone numbers and so on, especially on public posts such as this one is. Come on Man if you are what you claim you should know this already and never even asked me for such. Sorry that is how a Professional does business. Mike I find everything you said extremely hard to trust or believe about yourself as well what you claim you have knowledge of. I do have people living in Japan, Hawaii and other areas of the Pacific coasts that are finding levels of Radiation much beyond a safe human exposure in seaweed, Macrocystis pyrifera better known as kelp and aquatic mammals as well as fish 1,000 miles plus from the damaged area. Billions of radiative wastewater has been bled off into the ocean adn yes it is and has caused great damage to this body of water that will take thousands of years to repair, believe it or not. Mike Just because you got “A” friend or even friends living in Japan somewhere reporting back to you what he is or is not hearing from news sources does not make what they say or tell you correct for the truth of the damage and what’s really taking place there, as well for the lies the news in Japan is being told to tell the people. Wake up man people lie to stop the PANIC! Thyroid cancer rate has more than doubled in the past 5 years In the area in Japan since the destruction first took place and the area is still closed off. WHY is that Mike if all is OK dokey? Mike your actions from your first post till the last one has been deplorable and just plain mean as well nasty. So as I said I find it hard for truth to believe anything you say and I think most other posters here would agree. Your an angry person and its a sad shame your the way you are, because your may be a very honest, sincere and acceptable person that could make a great friend to have if your were not so Angry. Have a good life if possible, I have no need to further discuss anything with you for you wouldn’t belive it and actually I don’t feel you want to know the truth for your own fears of being wrong. Charley

  2. WE told you this will happen, 6 years ago, but we where ridiculed and scorn and labeled abti-scientific nuts and wacko conspiracy freaks and ignorant fools whom said this because we didnt know shit.

    Over 500 siv, will fry anything coming close, no electronic will pas the line what so ever, and I also told you, that the first 5 years the damages will be minimal as far its possible, but this will as I see it, kill the entire ocean all the way to the North America, down to California bay the next 5 years to come and our eminent MSM is dead silent as they where in the first place to save the Nuk Ind.
    And now we all have to pay.

    DO YOU GET IT; THIS IS Serious, this is no f….. joke, do you know see what kills life in the Pacific, AGW, huh, this is the sole reason, I want to cry, this is bad, bad, bad, and believe it will be worse, and nobody can do anything since that time frame was deliberately crashed by TEPCO the first years of this event, and there is several pools, and reactors, and an massive amount of weapon grade rad, materials aka MOX, witch have an half time of millions of years, even after millions of years this will kill, its an exponential decline, not linea

    Are you blind.



  3. Chernobyl will remain a no-go zone for the next 20,000 years, and that was one reactor. At Fukushima, 3 out of 4 melted down, and it’s page 10 news. Is there something “less lethal” about Japan’s catastrophe than the Ukraine’s?

    • Because unlike the Russian reactors the Japanese and western ones have safety nets in place that stopped a full blown meltdown like what happened in Ukraine.

      • Did you happen to look at the video and see the spent fuel laying on the bottom of the reactor floor GIVING off heat vapors.. AH buddy that means it is still COOKING along. WTH up pal. Mike you one more have NO CLUE what you are talking about.. Even if your friend was god that lives in Japan he is lost as to what is going on. We have 15 Environmental scientists living from the top of the west coast in USA to Australia monitoring the radiation weekly in the ocean and it is here and still arriving daily. As I said you have no clue what your talking about. AND YES Mikey I could post all sorts of scientific data and reports but you still wouldn’t belive it for your liberal agenda of ignorance is too hard to crack open and enter in any real knowledge, Sorry if this offends you but you’ve more than offended many of us already as we have been more than fair to you for your nasty comments, so fair play pal. Go find a different sand box to play in Mikey Please or grow up and treat fellow humans like you want to be treated.

        • Sure you do, what company do you supposedly work for since I probably deal with them all the time. Kind of funny though even with you supposedly working in the environmental field if you checked the post was about the reactor falling into the ocean. Which the this comment was about the reactors in Japan, they did not go into full meltdown mode like the ones in Russia did. But of course someone living in Japan does not know what is going on in Japan. Let me guess Charley you are a Trumpanzee that only believes in Alternative Facts.

  4. So sad for the next generation!!! I watched No Nukes Concerts in the 70s, as a child, and many great artists came together to try and stop this as it wasn’t a matter of “IF” but rather a matter of “When”. And all those who fought so hard against this type of energy were shushed as they told us that it will never happen yet our ‘when’ has arrived.

  5. The hell are you all whining about Trump is going to get us all killed so no reason to worry about what’s happening to the oceans. The cockroaches can deal with it.

  6. The author is an expert in writing distorted, fear mongering articles. Someone needs to investigate what purpose this serves and if their is money to be made by creating such articles.

    • So basically Soviet era censorship? Should they be thrown in a gulag? Why are you here reading it if you hate it so much?

      • Basically he is saying the author is a typical GOP idiot that only can survive on fear and lies. My bad Alternative Facts is the new term the GOP is using for their lies.

  7. “Japan Declare Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Falls Into Ocean” what’s up with this headline, no mention of this in the article! Fake news for the liberal morons to eat up! LOL!

  8. Now what exactly does the text of the article have to do with the reactor or some part of it “falling” into the ocean. Maybe my english is not at its best but I’m honestly confused. Please enlighten me.

  9. Nuke power has life span in the ocean of forever as far as life is concerned. Nothing can survive, ships and submarines are becoming radio active sailing around and the same with oil platforms and buoys etc.

  10. Why would ANYONE build something they have no way of controlling? We lived a long time without nuclear anything!

  11. Wow folks… THIS IS NOT REAL NEWS!!… or at least not accurate news!

    Roberto Ferris ( http://www.cnbc.com/robert-ferris/ ) | @RobertoFerris ( http://twitter.com/RobertoFerris )
    Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 | 12:51 PM ET
    Radiation levels remaining from the 2011 disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant appear to be a small fraction of what previous measurements suggested, according to a recently published study that followed levels in tens of thousands of people living near the site of the accident.

    Science magazine ( http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/01/fukushima-residents-exposed-far-less-radiation-thought ) highlighted the research Monday, calling it the first study to measure individual radiation levels in locals following a major nuclear disaster. The study was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Radiological Protection ( http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-6498/37/1/1/pdf ) in December.

      • WoW jcroobug,

        Regarding “enenews.com”: ENENews content is composed solely of quotations from mainstream news outlets, studies, witnesses and experts. These are considered the most reliable/credible sources of information available. [sigh]

        Additionally, ENE “was” the leading energy related site of 2011…” it is now 2017. Stay up to date jcroobug!!

        I love when kids start using the internet.

    • Yes Tweaker lets believe fake news put out by people who refuse to release sources, do no fact checking, do not even know where the site is located. Having friends that live in that area they laughed their asses of when I asked about this for a friend that posted it originally on FB. Which is when I checked into this sites background, which the same as your enenews is full of fake news and ignorant people like yourself.

      • Mike I can see you are not a believer in the bible but a denier of the truth. The world was created in 6 literal days each day a 24 hr period. which make me think you are not a believer in the rest. You act like you know every thing but believe me you don,t. The Lord will destroy this world and all the wickedness in it. He is coming back to take his own out of here at the Rapture, after that 7 yrs of hell on earth. Please don,t be left behind. Receive Christ and be saved. You are the ignorant one, You can,t even believe the simple truth of the KJV bible.

        • Sure thing mate, we have already proven the majority of the crap in the bible is a lie. The world is roughly 4.5 billion years old not 6000 years. Those plagues, were proven false as well. Besides if you believe in the bible you would be going to hell in a hand basket as you ignore its teachings constantly anyway always judging others. Besides if I was to believe any bible it sure wouldn’t be the Christian one that was copied from Judaism then twisted to what the Catholics wanted by adding tons of new books which twist the original writings. But Paul you keep telling yourself that con manual of yours is real.

  12. They find a way but it’s a shorter life cycle. Chernobyl lowered the life expectancy of people over 8 years in Ukraine, Westen Russia. Germans still cant eat boar.

  13. The seas will all die

    Rev16:3And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

  14. This article is complete BS. Japan did not “declare crisis” and no reactor is falling into the sea. Citing enenews is funny, because its a fake news site. Better read simplyinfo.org

  15. Click-bait. The reactor isn’t falling into the ocean, and the radiation is safely contained inside the reactor.

  16. Say it My friend Mikey sure is Messed up in the head, He will never bring any forms of truth to anyone for the way he acts and treats fellow humans. How sad he wasted the money and life investment of time he did for his education to use it this way. I can but wonder how his Professor thinks of his actions towards sharing his so called self proclamed knowledge.

  17. Mike the original comment was this one. “Djago • 2 days ago
    The Pacific is already dead” >I feel that “YES” I can agree with you Mike that Djago did not and does not know this to be a complete truthful statement unless he can support this ideal with information of proof that the Ocean is already dead, > However; Mike I feel this is a free world of conversation to learn and share knowledge or feelings, thoughts. and this person can post this. Don’t you feel the same way for what you post? Maybe that is how this person feels. So our intent should be to relieve this person of their presumed “False or Factual” ideals by using FACTS or proof to either support or disavowal their beliefs so they can as we did to “Learn” the truth..> Not to attack them as you did with you First or Original comment that followed the next day. “Mike Djago • a day ago
    How is the pacific already dead? You must be one of those Trumpanzee’s that are missing their brain.” > I say man this is a blatant attack. don’t you agree, YES. And Mike you have continued this type of attacking towards anyone who did not agree with you. Sorry Mike but this is true.

  18. No way would this even be noticed in the Pacific Ocean. Just as the BP oil spill in the Gulf was suppised to kill the Gulf, and it was barely a ripple on the ecology of the Gulf.

  19. Fukushima – sound, measured, unbiased and non-alarmist, scientific information (4/2016-2/2017):


    Five Years Later, Cutting Through the Fukushima Myths (circa mid 2016)

    Radiation expert Andrew Karam, who covered the disaster for Popular Mechanics in 2011 and later traveled to study the site, explains everything you need to know about Fukushima’s legacy and danger five years later.

  20. No need to read past this post.

    Source: IAEA https://www.iaea.org/

    Fukushima Daiichi Status Updates
    1 February 2017

    On 1 February 2017, Japan provided the IAEA with a copy of a report on the discharge record and the seawater monitoring results at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station during January, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent to all international Missions in Japan.

    The report contains information on discharges from the subdrain and groundwater drain systems, as well as on groundwater bypassing conducted during the month of January. In both cases, in advance of the action, TEPCO analyzes the quality of the groundwater to be discharged and announces the results. These results confirm that the radiation level of sampled water are substantially below the operational targets set by TEPCO.

  21. That title ( Japan Declare Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean ) has been used to demonize everyone who mentions Fukushima effects . It is unconscionable that people would exploit this event to this end . What terrible monsters your parents must be to have create a horribly despicable soulless creature like you . I truly despise you for what you have done .

  22. seems like an aweful lot of fuel, I would say this had to burn out long ago, why does it seem to be getting stronger? , fuel rods dont last this long

  23. I just can’t get over how stupid the Japanese were to build a nuclear plant anywhere in Japan. With the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes what a perfect storm for a fiasco.
    Now, what? I guess we’re all going to suffer for their stupidity and arrogance.

  24. no its not falling into the ocean why are you making shit up? It’s catastrophic anyway without you needlessly adding a layer of bullshit

  25. Maybe if you people could do actual research and check your facts before preaching that the ocean is going to die, you’d realize that this article is completely false.

  26. When you don’t have enough money to build a safe power plant, just call 1 800 FUK USMA – they will get it up and running at half the price. Of course there is the nasty side effect of highly probably of permanent destruction of your planet. Hey, there are plenty of planets to go around, who cares ?!

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