Joy Behar: Arrest Trump This Week Or Else ‘We Will No Longer Have a Country’

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Joy Behar urges overhaul of electoral college because Trump might win again

ABC’s The View host Joy Behar told her co-hosts that she believes if former President Donald Trump is not arrested this week “we will not have a country.”

Following Trump’s announcement that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday as part of a “highly political” campaign to silence him and disenfranchise his supporters, Behar said:

“Indictments against Trump could reportedly happen at any time now. For those keeping score, here’s a speed round of investigations he’s facing. In Georgia, he is being investigated for election interference for pressuring state officials to find more votes. Remember, ‘I just find want to find 11,780 votes,’ remember that. In Florida, the DOJ just subpoenaed dozens of Mar-a-Lago employees over his hoarding of classified documents. Here in New York State, the Manhattan DA could indict him over a hush money payment to porn Star Stormy Daniels.”

Behar continued her unhinged rant, saying, “You can’t get a job in retail if you’re under indictment, yet he’ll be running for president.”

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “The point earlier, that it’s going to embolden him and his supporters, that’s the January 6th point. If you confirm Joe Biden as the legitimate president, all hell is going to break loose.

“We are going to come out and do that. It’s called thuggery, and it needs to stop, and American people can’t be held hostage by a thug.”

Behar said, “You won’t have a country. If he’s not indicted, you don’t have a country. We won’t have the same country we are used to.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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      • It’s tin by the rule of law. The media operate under GOVERNMENT LICENCE TO BROADCAST AND DISTRIBUTE

        • Run i typed. And it’s too late for you to run now. Many many Americans and Canadians and hundreds of thousand or millions of English have run here to Australia, but all just now to be thrown under the bus, so all just manipulated in vain As usual.
          Anyway the writings clear. They want and are conducting an operation globally to destroy every remnant if white Anglo saxon protestant Christianity and civilisation. That’s the most obvious fact.
          The Vatican has perpetrated its mythical Christianity but is rapidly transitioning it into a more honest maybe representation of their true belief systems which clearly is driving the entire global situation. Bottom line The west is over. Christendoms down and out.
          Meanwhile in Astana massive new mosques are built by people totally westernised in every way to the point where really there’s nothing moslem about them except in some vague sociopolitical compliancy based working fundamentalist indoctrination and obedience to the rule of law, situation.

          • Two drunks from the lockup tank got deported there like 100 years ago but thats about all

          • Idiot Every mefia owner has to be licenced to distribute printed material And BTW she’s on TV in case you didn’t notice. Peoplecan operate Web sites without a licence but that’s all. Not newsprint or magazines Theure totally controlled by laws governing publications that are distributed for sale.

          • NOt News as it is in the public DOMAIN as are tons of JUNK that ARE news thusly not subject to copyright.Have over 100,000 copyrights stolen by proxy.The PROVIDER OF YOUR PRESS ONLINE owns and you get a % on some sites.Have been online for over 35 years.The only reason to lic is for profits works.Whatever YOU WRITE Here is owned by newspunch FORever unless you shut them off as I have done since I have been here.newstin dup site here OUR story pub DOA from hit.NEWS is not copyrightible as it is public domain BUT your version is on your network your zine or your employer.YOU can`t copyright OR own the news as it is public.YOU ARE ROTTEN TOMATOES dumB

        • 100,000 copyrights ago since 1963 and aired many many times without ANY lics OR agent or managers OR union but still a union member since 1986 taft hartley? nah you know nothin 300 scripts at the writer guild.GHOOOST!!!!!! for EVERYONE JEWISH HA HA HA HE HE HE!!!!! I work everywhere PROBONO tp!!! TO keep america ON TOP of the industry sorry looser BRICE dwnst Under still? hang in there

    • BECAUSE just like trump said fake news^^^ is NOT PUBLIC NEWS and is only MASS MEDIA at FEEDIN TIME

  1. The clowns that the media barons have selected to fill the unfortunate publics heads with their nonsense propaganda aren’t even worthy of being called journalists and are I think nothing more than bigoted personalities.
    Useful idiots for manipulative deceivers passive aggressive intentions of having American Democracy as the globalist punching bag by rule of law.

    • THEY ARE NOT REAL JOURNALIST(ss) dumb tass TRY a public educational CHANNEL and get back to a public re-education fast!

  2. They should really be arresting the illegitimate Admin and all the other pychopaths who f’ed up the USA these last years

    • Well yes I think that’s basically an understatement Obviously you somehow failed to grasp how the law did nothing to rectify the stolen election but aid and abett. You clearly haven’t joined the dots. Ypur still naively thinking that trumps going to get justice and that the systems fair. Which makes you what?

  3. Even if trump was convicted it is only a missy and zero time(BUT) the MASS MEDIA is saying that he is seeing a huge jump in backers now that WILL vote for him.BOZO did the same act ages ago

  4. You don’t have a country joy The USA is a CORPORATION. Learn the basics at least.
    You might gqbw national PRIDE, which is a sin anyway as is patriotism to a flag which is a to Christian brainwashing Ypur all so deceived and you don’t even know it. The whole world almost is just full of idiots, clueless dim-witted smart arses.

  5. A MASK of ONE brice you are still hypN youreslf in circle GET back FAST as a MASS MEDIA is not news at all

  6. ???? Say what? You would think it should be ‘arrest Biden now before we no longer have a country… we are making great progress in the the destruction of this once great republic right now.

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