Judge Confirms Ashley Biden Was ‘Groped and Sexually Abused’ by Joe Biden When She Was a Child

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Judge confirms Ashley Biden was sexually molested by Joe Biden, her father, when she was a young kid

A judge has confirmed that Ashley Biden was groped and sexually abused by her father Joe Biden when she was a young child.

The Special Master reviewing the 2021 pre-dawn FBI raid on the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe – related to his acquisition of the Ashley Biden’s diary – filed a report yesterday in the Southern District of New York.

As Special Master Barbara Jones relayed information related to the case, she revealed that Ashley Biden confirmed over the phone that the diary in question does, in fact, belong to her.

Notthebee.com reports: This is huge news because, among other reasons, Ashley Biden wrote in the diary that her father inappropriately took showers with her when she was a child.

Here is the public document. Look at page 2 – specifically, the bottom of page 2:

This is a major development. This US District Court Special Master stated in a court filing that Ashley Biden confirmed over the phone that the infamous diary belongs to her, and that she asked for it to be delivered to one of her friends.

“Project Veritas reached a Biden acquaintance who conferenced a person who identified herself as [Ashley] Biden. Biden stated that the belongings were hers and asked that they be delivered to a friend in Delray Beach.”

Ashley Biden stated in her diary – a document she would expect no one to ever read, and thus, would have no reason to tell falsehoods therein – that her father, President Joe Biden, showered with her when she was a young girl at least multiple times. Not only that, she wrote about the “showers with my dad” in the context of being “hyper-sexualized as a child” and exploring reasons why she has been highly promiscuous her whole life and is a hopeless sex addict as an adult.

For a grown man to take showers with a little girl (who was old enough when it happened that she is able remember it as an adult) is demented and perverted behavior for anyone to engage in – but for a U.S. president to have done so should be a worldwide scandal. Yet nobody seems to care, least of all the media!

Below are some verbatim words from Ashley Biden’s diary (I will refer to her as Ashley from this point for so as to not confuse her with President Biden). Be advised, the contents of the diary are sexual in nature, though I will obscure the most graphic parts. I will not post the images of the diary pages here, because I don’t wish to be on the receiving end of a surprise pre-dawn FBI raid. The relevant images will be linked at the end of this article, though, if you want to view them (be advised, they contain graphic language).

It’s important to note that I am relaying the following personal details of Ashley’s life because they are highly relevant to her claim that President Biden took showers with her when she was a child – exposing his naked adult male body to her at a young age, and being in such close proximity to her for extended periods of time, and likely touching her, when they were both nude. It’s also important to grasp that while Ashley was a child, she was old enough to remember it happening. This is undoubtedly wildly inappropriate behavior by Joe Biden; many would call it outright sexual abuse which could lead to lasting negative effects on a person.

In the diary, Ashley speaks of being a voracious sex addict – an alternate addiction that she says she utilized to “stay sober” from drugs – reasoning that “I know it’s not the healthiest way to deal with things but at least it’s not drugs,” and, “I don’t know if I even need to kiss a guy – just come over and …,” yeah.

Ashley then relays how she has “always been boy crazy,” saying, “I remember pulling up my skirt in 2nd grade and showing the boys my underpants.”

She then writes the following:

Hyper-sexualized at a young age. What is this due to? Was I molested? I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma – I remember not liking [an acquaintance’s] house; I remember somewhat being sexualized with Caroline; I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate); being turned on when I was not supposed to be.”

Ashley then mentions a physical act she did to herself “due to overhearing parents having sex,” which I won’t quote in full, but, given the context, is significant.

All of these are important details.

Ashley says she was “hyper-sexualized at a young age.” Not “hyper-sexual,” but “hyper-sexualized,” meaning it was something done to her. She then says she thinks she was molested. By whom?

That “hyper-sexualization” led to Ashley “having sex with friends at a young age.” Friends, plural. And not “boyfriends” – friends – meaning that “at a young age” extremely casual sex was normal for her.

Worth noting from the Wikipedia entry on female hyper-sexuality:

Ashley was old enough to remember taking showers with her dad, President Joe Biden, which would have made her four or five years old at minimum. Not a baby or toddler – a young girl. And “showers” being plural means that it happened more than once. “Showers with my dad” is worded more like it was a regular occurrence than a thing that just happened two or three times.

Again, this is extremely inappropriate behavior for a grown man to engage in. Many would say it is sexual abuse of a child. Many would call President Biden the P-word for engaging in such deviant behavior.

Why doesn’t the press care about this at all?

This is a major scandal and no one is talking about it!

Not only is no one talking about it – the corporate media is covering it up, just like they did with Hunter Biden’s laptop!


  1. Back 8n the sat when GIJoe was young catholics went to confession so the Vatican knew all their secrets Maybe they still do

      • And you don’t understand It’s everywhere Wherever there’s a drug trade kids are brought into the secret circle using pedophilia to bond them into the network. They need rhem young to sell to young kids. It’s global. And rhe drug trades been massive since England bombed China into letting them sell their opium to the Chinese which was the biggest marketplace in the planet. Still is. That’s why the news never talks about drugs and they all act as of no one but some drug addicts use drugs. Almost everyone uses drugs. That’s why they ignore it.

      • No silly. She said so in her Diary. I wouldn’t recommend looking at any of it though. I heard that the Contents of Humpers Laptop has images and video of the Perv parties. They say He admits going to the Pool party for Hillary and the Podesta bros that mentioned the kids in the Pool. Whatever the opposite of Penance is the word he called it. Didn’t sound like Humper wanted to go.

        • She said so in her Diary.

          That doesn’t make it true. Given all of the other knowns around the Biden family, on the balance of probabilities, it may be true. However, my wife and I often had our kids under age 4 in the shower with us. When getting ready for outings, it was just easier for one of us to wash the kids while the other showered and stepped out ready to dry off the kids after they were washed. They remember the showers, but as they also bathed together from an early age, thought nothing of it.

          • Yes, I read the article. I did not say that she wasn’t molested, only that writing something in a diary does not make it true.
            What children remember is not always what happened. Let me give you an example. I couple I know lived on a farm. The oldest child was about 4 and her brother 3 with another in utero. The 3 year old was cut badly after falling in the barn, and taken to hospital. When stitching began, the mother fainted. About 25 years later, the oldest found out that her mother had fainted, and not pushed down by the nurse as she had always believed. It wasn’t in a diary, but would it have been true if it had been?

        • lol oh ,of course a drug addled brain was reliable evidence. lol so you have personally seen this alleged laptop? no? more hearsay. its another fairy tale distraction that gullible mindless sheeple believe. lol

          • You only believe the pieces and stems
            she said that you can handle?
            Her Dad can’t control himself. You have not seen the videos of CCP Joe pawing all over the kids? Some of the parents have had to get their kids out of the reach of Sniffy Pop, or as his living Son calls him “Pedo Pete”.

          • You ate brainwashed by the msm and believe the tale they created. It’s sheeple such as you that are easily manipulated and distracted by nonsense. “Pawing”?lol lol some elderly like to hold or touch kids.but of course you have been instructed to see it as what the nsm says. And your name calling is more hearsay by msm pathetic.

  2. since when is hearsay admissible and via a phone call? drug addicts frequently have false memories due to changes in the brain from drug use. sounds as if ashley is gaslighting.

  3. Many internet videos of Pedo Joe molesting little girls. Been there for years but tv censors them.

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