Judge Rules Epstein VIP Pedo Ring Details Are Too ‘Shocking’ for Public to See

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Judge rules details of Epstein VIP pedophile ring are too 'sensational' for the public to know about

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that details regarding the Epstein VIP pedophile ring are “too shocking” to be released to the public.

After reviewing arguments from both sides, U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan agreed that most of the government’s redactions should remain in place over Ghislaine Maxwell’s objections while also adding several more redactions at her request.

Maxwell was billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s child procurer. She obtained underage children for many of Epstein’s VIP clients. Her legal team in January filed 12 motions requesting that the court dismiss all of the charges relating to her role as a child pimp.

Lawandcrime.com reports: The government responded in February with an “omnibus memorandum of law” opposing Maxwell’s motions, all of which were filed under seal pending rulings on the redactions.

The government argued that its redactions were required in order to “protect the integrity” of its ongoing criminal investigation into Maxwell and to protect the privacy interests of third parties. Judge Nathan granted most of the government’s requests, reasoning that the redactions were based on legitimate interests to overcome the presumption of public access to judicial documents.

“Exhibit 1 contains a single redaction—the name of a third party—and the Court concludes that that individual’s personal privacy interests outweigh the presumption of access that exists as to that limited portion of the exhibit,” Judge Nathan wrote. “The proposed redactions to Exhibit 7 are similar in that they seek to protect from public access only the names and contact information of third parties. Here, too, the interest in protecting the safety and privacy of those individuals outweighs the presumption of access that attaches to those documents.”

Nathan rejected Maxwell’s objection to redactions containing information “that has been made public by other means” where such information still relates to the privacy interests of third parties.

“At least some of the redactions to which the Defendant objects relate to private ‘family affairs’ of a third party, a factor that ‘weigh[s] more heavily against access than conduct affecting a substantial portion of the public.’ Nathan wrote, citing to controlling precedent from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. “And though the Defendant contends that some of the information contained in the redactions is public, she furnishes no evidence to that effect. As a result, the Court concludes that the significant privacy interests at stake justify the limited and narrowly tailored redactions contained in Exhibit 5.”

Judge Nathan, citing privacy interests, did side with Maxwell on several additional redactions proposed to transcripts submitted as part of the government’s filing, finding that to make those details public would only tend to cater to an appetite for the “sensational and impure.”

“Those portions of the transcript, which were redacted in the civil matter, concern privacy interests and their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a ‘craving for that which is sensational and impure,’” she wrote. “The Court thus concludes that such redactions are justified.”

It’s unclear what Judge Nathan has redacted, but Judge Loretta Preska — the federal judge in the civil case — ruled on Jan. 19 that details Maxwell provided about her consensual sexual relationships with adults would remain redacted in publicly released versions of deposition transcripts (see: Miami Herald, “Judge orders release of more Ghislaine Maxwell records — minus salacious details”).

“Although the prurient interest of some may be left un-satiated as a result, Ms. Maxwell’s interest in keeping private the details of her sexual relationships with consenting adults warrants the sealing of those portions of her testimony,” said Preska, emphasizing privacy interests.

Several other redactions proposed by the government were rejected at Maxwell’s request after Judge Nathan found that prosecutors failed to provide a reasonable basis “as to why its investigation at this stage of the matter would be imperiled by the disclosure of the information regarding how it obtained the information in question, and the requested redactions are far from narrowly tailored.”

“As a result, the Court denies the Government’s redaction requests in pages 1–128 and denies its request to file Exhibits 8 and 9 under seal, since those documents relate to this very issue and the same reasoning applies to them,” Nathan wrote.

The court will allow the government to seek more tailored redactions before the redactions are removed on the public docket.

Read the full ruling here.


  1. Total BS. The information is a who’s who of high tech, media and political moguls from around the world and we all fkn know it. The reason it won’t come out is then it can’t be used against them in the future to sway their decisions and force them to do their master’s bidding. This is like trying to stop drug trafficking. We can’t ever stop it completely, but we have to make it very difficult for these shadow dwellers, not easier.

    • Actially they operate at 3very l2vel of society They need their gutter rats to do robberies murders things like that fir them And they need the middle classes to act ad the bridges of communication ,cops drs nurses social workers ,all that sort They have to cover a enormous field .Basically for ” normal ” people pedophilia secures ” communities ” into effective little cells of growing baking transporting and trafficking drugs .Every community has its networked team They’re inducted as infants or toddlers as victims of pedophilia and groomed ip.tbroughout their growth It builds secrecy ,what they call trust They’re all intimate .And its both sects, The women are doing it too Being screwed by the adolescent boys Tbeyre all ” hard working well respected members of their community ” The ones known as drug dealers are their scapegoats Its all STAGED Everything The world is but a stage .And msm are the biggest culprits together with the law .
      Look reality of policing is like this Here if a cop doesnt ” fit in ” with their community if they’re not popular ,unlijed not trusted if they make community feel uncomfortable ,then cop has to go .That’s how it works by Police Ministers decision making. Crime is the second mist profitable business on earth And they are all corrupt .Black market economy is their favourite .Teumo never really u understood that rbe swamp is rbe democratic majority if the population Almost e everybody is breaking the law everyday ,one way or another .

    • Yes Diana was murdered knowing to much and being a threat to talk and expose them all.she could bring down the monarchy..and now harry is close to following his mother..some of the men in the family been to Epstein island.

  2. Fact us the people who are ” outsiders ” ,think they represent the majority They dont That’s the truth they cant expose Becausexpediphilua us a tool used to blackmail and to hind and discipline people unto secrecy and compliance it is everywhere That’s why the make the punishment worse than murder almost .Once suspected or accused of pedophilia then its like the equivalent of the middle ages being labelled a witch practically The accused is shunned everywhere Even after they’re released from prison Murderers fare better .Really .Pedophilia is going on EVERYWHERE drugs are .

    • And the higher up ,the more money and power that’s involve the sicker more depraved vicious bloodthirsty ruthless sadistic and evel the pedophilia becomes .. Its like a pyramid, in a way .With they who worship Egypt at the top .

      • And that’s what they cant allow the lets say more normal pedophiles down the steps below them to ever realise. They the lower ranks have to believe that they are compliant to the goodies That’s the great deception .That’s hiw they keep it all running so smoothly Layers and levels, like snakes and ladders

  3. Shes another who keep their religion secret Her and her wife and their twin sons She was appointed by Obombo which now is as if anointed by the High Priest of their Cult . Cirizems of Soddom and Gomorrah And proud of it too .

    • And as both Kirab and Bile teach us God did NOT wreak destruction upon either ciry because the citizens were LGBTQ BUT because of their Pride .Because they were proud and refused to admit that rget were not normal heterosexual natural people he rained fire and brimstone upon them and left them smouldering heaps of Desolation .

  4. I didn’t read anything where judge clearly said anything graphic like the story headline says..seems grossly exaggerated

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