Katie Hopkins Blasted For Offensive Black Lives Matter Comments

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Katie Hopkins

English media personality, columnist and social critic Katie Hopkins has been provoking outrage on social media again.

On Monday #BlockKatieHopkins started to trend as footage showed her rolling her eyes at demonstrators after she infiltrated a BLM protest.

Only last week, the day after blackout Tuesday, the controversial personality was slammed for her comments on the topic with many calling them disrespectful and offensive.

Hopkins wrote, “Today is #whiteoutwednesday. I will shortly be posting a picture of my arse. Thank you.” Later also tweeting “I am a Straight. White. Christian. Conservative. Married. Mother. of three. And I am PROUD of all these things. Get off your knees to the thuggery #BlackLivesMatter”


But the 45-year-old has been at it again, this time she took to the streets to join the protests in London, disguising herself with a wig and facemask.

RT reports: In the short clip she can be seen dramatically rolling her eyes as dozens of activists mingle in the background.

The media personality shared the footage along with a provocative message on Twitter. “Just me. A white woman. Eye-rolling you. Amongst you. When you were hunting me down. You may kneel and kiss my ring,” she wrote. 


Despite being patently designed to provoke a backlash, thousands of Twitter users fell for Hopkins’ gambit hook, line and sinker, and the hashtag ‘#BlockKatieHopkins’ quickly shot to the top of the UK trending charts on Monday.


In a strange move for the supposedly-woke Twitterati, Messages attacking Hopkins’ appearance were widely shared, racking up thousands of likes.

Obviously, Hopkins’ revelled in the drama, gleefully sharing messages from people urging the protesters to attack her. “To those hunting me – know I was next to you, amongst you, filming you. But you were too busy shouting at the sky to see. I own you, still,” she wrote.


  1. Your lily white “arse” is precisely what they want….that and destruction, looting and burning!

    • Theyre led like sheep because theyve been made dumber than sheep by the corruptions in their education and the control over freedom of speech of blatant hypocrites

  2. True Christian’s know that Pride is not a virtue ,but that ,pride goethe before a Fall .Shes been deceived by the great deceiver. Like so many billions now .All from the same source .

  3. Look at the murders every week in Chicago, Detroit, St Louis and other black dominated cities.
    Black Lives do not Matter to blacks.

    • they all cry baby when they tell you about their ancestors being slaves. A HUGE MAJORITY don’t even know if they’re parents/ancestors really were slaves, it’s just there so they can make protests and then let out their anger on anything, going shopping (looting) by way of this special BLM credit card

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