Kim Jong-un Says Hitler Was A British Spy Who Escaped Germany

Fact checked
Kim Jong-un claims Hitler escaped Germany after World War III

Kim Jong-un has made explosive claims to the Korean Central News Agency on Sunday that he believes that Britain and America allowed Adolph Hitler to escape Germany after World War II alive, due to the fact that he was actually a British spy.

The North Korean leader said on Sunday that the purpose of Hitler’s brutal Nazi regime in Germany was to allow for the creation of the United Nations (UN) and to give legitimacy to Israel after the horrific Nazi crimes against humanity were disclosed after the war had ended.

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He claims that Hitler left Germany at the end of World War II and moved to Argentina, where he lived until the age of 97-years-old with his girlfriend.

There is photographic evidence of an alive and well Hitler living in South America, as well as documents on the FBIs website that conclusively show the intelligence community knew of his whereabouts after the war had ended”, Jong-un told North Korean state media.

His claims seem credible due to the fact that the FBI have a detailed 203-page report on the whereabouts of Hitler on their own website, which reads:

“Six top Argentine officials [aided in] hiding Adolph Hitler upon his landing by submarine in Argentina.”

“Hitler reported to be hiding out in the foothills of southern Andes.”

Kim Jong-un says that British and U.S. intelligence officials were all very aware of a submarine transporting top Nazi’s, including Hitler, to the Argentinian coast, but did absolutely nothing about it.

Why would they want to expose one of their own guys? The crimes of the Nazi’s are also the crimes of Britain and America as Hitler was one of their guys,” he said.