LA Times: ‘White Drivers RACIST Because Pollution Targets People of Color’

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LA Times declares that white drivers are racist as they are polluting the air for colored people

The far-left Los Angeles Times has declared that all white drivers are inherently racist because they “pollute the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color.”

The hysterical article cites a study released by USC researchers looking into race and air pollution caused by vehicles. reports: The author, Sammy Roth, explained his personal guilt as he “couldn’t help but consider” his “own complicity” in what he labeled a “function of the racism that shaped” Los Angeles.

Next, the author called for “climate solutions that benefit everyone” to combat the negative health effects of air pollution.

The city of Los Angeles does have a well-known pollution problem, and the study correlated an increase in miles driven to and from work with a decrease in the lung-damaging “fine particulate matter” drivers are exposed to.

While this would likely mean people who spend more time outdoors would be subjected to more exposure to the dangerous pollution regardless of race, the author of the study claimed the fact that many minority neighborhoods are located near highways proves the pollution is racist.

The study’s lead author, Geoff Boeing, said L.A. County low-income communities of color were “torn apart” to make way for freeways while white neighborhoods “often” kept highways out of their areas.

The self-loathing LA Times writer wrote, “As a white guy who’s lived on L.A.’s Westside for most of my life, I’ve benefited from the region’s sordid history as well.”

He then explained how he takes the train “a couple times a month” and walks to nearby shops “instead of driving across the city,” AKA exploring the surrounding area and supporting new businesses.

Despite his efforts, Roth noted, “there’s no question I contribute to the inequitable air pollution that Boeing’s study describes.”

In a laughable admission, the writer told readers the highway planning in the area was “largely a function of geography,” because architects had “no choice but to route those highways through narrow passes in the Santa Monica Mountains.”

Another nature-related influence on pollution in the area is “ocean breezes that push pollution into predominantly Black and Latino areas,” according to Boeing.

The “solutions” proposed by the leftist outlet are forcing more people into driving electric vehicles, offering tax credits for those working from home and charging “taxes” on those who drive to work.

The article also suggested low-income apartments get built in affluent neighborhoods “to make it easier for low-income families to live closer to where they work.”

Lastly, the Times called for an increase in bus transportation in the city to combat pollution.

The paper’s Twitter page ironically posted an article titled, “It’s time to hit the road,” just two hours after posting the “White drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color” piece.

Titled, “11 perfect California road trips to take this spring break,” the article told readers, “Los Angeles County travelers are lucky — our slice of Southern California, home to Highway 1 and the historic Route 66, is an especially well-positioned jumping-off point for anyone with the urge to hit the road.”

This is just another example of the hypocritical left pushing the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda in the name of saving the planet.


  1. So, ‘suddenly’ whites are immune to the colourless pollution..??? And where did that $cientific insight come from?

    Or is this just another delusional racist slur to create hate speech against a certain colour of skin? Is this what the woke inquisition claimed as “inclusion and respect” for all?? Or is it just to usher in the demonicrat devide&conquer projects leading up to intended civil war?

    We are being used, played out and pitted against one another by the hypocritical globalists who don’t give a damn about you or your ‘civil rights’!

  2. Gas powered autos of todays world are nothin like the LEAD oil burners of yester year…The convertor&gettin the lead out of fuel makes todays cars clean burning& Kally has emissions stations all over the state and you don`t see 1FN oil burner as the EPA tacks everyone everyday.A parking ticket cost like 1,000$ and just try to find where your car is towed to?.KALLY died with the age of the internet!.INTERNet stars outsell sidewalk Stars in cars havin coffee.

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  4. MEAN while back in reality they are digging the earth to bits LOOKING for anything to build more bad batterys with just like the covid VAX BIG PIX& japan nuclear power fail

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