Lamborghini Trashed For Sporting Fake Plates

Fact checked

A car owner failed to stop authorities in Taiwan destroying his impounded Lamborghini Murciélago in front of a crowd after using fake license plates on the £270,000 supercar.

Children in Taiwan watch in horror as a ridiculously expensive Lamborghini Murciélago was gruesomely destroyed before their eyes by a giant mechanical cruncher.

Jalopnik reports:

The video, posted to YouTube by Jesse Yao, says in its description that the government of Taiwan tore the supercar apart because the owner had the the wrong license plate on his vehicle. That license plate, according to Focus Taiwan (part of Taiwan’s state-run Central News Agency), came off a Ford sedan, and was placed on the supercar to try to evade authorities.

That didn’t work, because police at a checkpoint noticed the discrepancy in 2013, and the car was impounded in accordance with the “Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act,” the news site says.

The owner, a commercial pilot, reportedly tried to appeal multiple times, even sending a friend to the impound lot today as a last ditch effort to prevent his car from destruction. But their attempts were fruitless.

Here’s the horrifying scene of a T-Rex-like machine tearing into the Lambo (WARNING: The two children in this video clip can no longer be saved, but there’s still hope for yours, so for god’s sake, don’t let them watch):

This video doesn’t show that glorious V12 yielding under the power of that crushing machine, but another one on Youtube (which actually alleges that the car was imported illegally) does, so if you’re feeling masochistic, have at it.


  1. who the fuck is in charge of operating that robot? One of those children? I would have had it unrecognizably demolished in less than thirty seconds…

  2. States are out of control. We dont need to be watched, followed, and our business is none of yours. You work for us when we call on you, that is it!

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