Triangular Black UFO Caught Flying Past Full Blue Moon

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A California resident claims they witnesses a triangular and back UFO sailing past the full blue moon on July 31st, 2015.

According to The Inquisitor:

The witness in the sighting, filed as case number 69009 in the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) database, reported taking pictures of the blue moon after 2 a.m. on the night of Friday, July 31, 2015.

While reviewing the pictures the next day, the witness noticed a black triangle UFO flying across the lower side of the Moon in the one of the photos.

According to the witness, the object looked like a flying craft.

“The dark triangle or Delta shaped object is located on the lower left side of the picture of the Moon. It looked like a craft of some sort to me. I’m not sure so I’m looking for some feed back as to what it is…”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring described the object as a “flying pyramid” passing over the front of the Moon, and compared its appearance with the Egyptian pyramids.

But it is difficult to assess from the photo how high up in the sky the object was, or its size. The object could have been a small kite or a massive object sailing across the night sky.

Nevertheless, triangle-shaped UFOs are remarkably common. The Inquisitr reported late last month that a 14-year-old from Tennessee and his 12-year-old brother reported sighting several low-flying, triangle-shaped UFOs over Cedar Grove in January, 2015.

According to the witnesses in the sighting, filed as case number 66916 in the MUFON database, the UFOs were apparently manned by “black, ape-like” creatures.

Sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs have also been reported in connection with the Moon. In June, 2015, the Inquisitr reported that UFO hunters claimed they sighted on the Moon a triangular UFO that resembled the legendary TR-3B black triangle.

The YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10 reported sighting the TR3B-type UFO abandoned in a lunar crater in images of the lunar surface captured by a camera mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

Black triangle UFOs are of special interest to UFOlogists partly because of the connection with alleged USAF black projects or secret programs to develop triangle-shaped, nuclear-powered stealth reconnaissance aircraft.

The TR-3B Aurora or Astra and the TR-3A Black Manta have long been subjects of rumored sightings and conspiracy theories, although no one has been able to provide conclusive evidence of their existence.

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