Libya: U.S. In Panic Mode After Extremist Puppets Lose Control Of Oil Ports

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The US and key EU allies are now in hypocritical panic mode after their puppet extremists in Libya lost control of the nation's oil ports.

Not content with bombing Libya back to the Stone Age and stealing the oil, the US and key European allies are now in panic mode after their Libyan puppet extremists have lost control of the nation’s oil ports. 

Libya was the richest, most developed, most educated country in North Africa. It was a model of much-needed stability in the region, with a government that was considerably less terrible than NATO’s numerous medieval dictator-allies.

Off-guardian reports: Before the “revolution”, the Libyan government used oil revenues to subsidize a whole range of social benefits for its citizens.

And now that Libya is a moon crater, the U.S. and its European poodles are whining about “returning oil ports to the Libyan people”.

Is this a new standup routine that Washington has been practicing?

EU states and the US have urged a Russia-backed Libyan warlord to hand back oil ports, amid warnings that Russia was trying to do in Libya what it did in Syria.

“The British, French, Italian, and US ambassadors to Libya said oil facilities “belong to the Libyan people and must remain under the exclusive control” of central authorities.”

This statement is of course referring to Khalifa Haftar and his successful attack against “Islamist militias” (fanatics affiliated with al-Qaeda) who seized Sidra and Ras Lanuf earlier this month.

In other words: The U.S. and Europe are now having a panic attack because Islamic extremists no longer control two key oil ports in Libya.

What a strange thing to be upset about. 

And the notion that Washington cares at all about what “belongs” to the Libyan people is laughable. If you measure the scale of destruction in terms of where Libya was before NATO’s “humanitarian intervention”, and where it is now, it’s simply criminal. Before Obama started dropping “right to protect” bombs, this is what the U.N. said about Libya:

In 2010, Libya ranked 53rd in the UN’s Human Development Index among 163 countries. With life expectancy at birth at 74.5 years, an 88.4% adult literacy rate and a gross enrolment ratio of 94.1%, Libya was classified as a high human development country among the Middle East and North Africa region.

Libyans once enjoyed a higher standard of living than 2/3 of the planet. NATO fixed that little problem — and now Washington is crying crocodile tears about oil facilities that “belong” to the Libyan people. The entire country belongs to the Libyan people. Washington destroyed it, but for some reason it’s only concerned about the oil ports. How odd.

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