Lin Wood Claims Mike Pence Faces Arrest for Treason, Execution by Firing Squad

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Lin Wood claims VP Mike Pence faces arrest for treason

Attorney L. Lin Wood claims that Vice President Mike Pence could soon face arrest for treason, and execution by firing squad.

In a bold tweet issued Friday, Wood referred to a theory that Pence has the power to block the election when Congress meets to certify the vote of the Electoral College on January 6th.

Earlier this week, Rep. Louis Gohmert and others filed a lawsuit seeking to force Pence to intervene in the Electoral College certification.

Pence resisted, arguing that he does not have the discretion to make that call.

Wood tweeted that Republicans shared responsibility for the “theft of the election,” and warned there would be “arrests for treason.” reports: When a fellow Twitter user questioned his logic, Wood replied:

Wood seems to believe that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would reverse the results of the Electoral College.

Breitbart News reported last month that Wood has voted for and donated to Democrats in the past.

Wood has made claims of nationwide voter fraud, involving Dominion voting machines and the Chinese Communist Party.

Wood obtained settlements for former high school student Nichols Sandmann in defamation claims against several media outlets after they falsely portrayed him as having instigated a confrontation with a Native American activist last year.


  1. i agree with woods but hundreds more need to be hanged, on both sides of the isle. this is an obvious domestic attack. we need to form a militia NOW!

  2. Yes just like the Suprenes a d every judge serving the Sovereign that dismissed all cases on grounds of non jurisdiction ,he has worked his way out of fulfilling his intended purpose as VP by deliberately obstructing his own ability to save the election from the theft Deliberately fouled the nest with the stench of his own treachery .” They’re all in it together ” Princess Dianna .” Nothing is what it seems ” QE2 ” Never trust anybody ” Queen Mum .

  3. If Pence is a pedo? Then Yes, absolutely. Fair trial, hearings, evidence, testimony, and then if guilty, execution by firing squad. Pence got the letter.

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