London’s Dumb Mayor Tells President Trump: “All of Us Should Be Feminists”

Fact checked
London's mayor lectures President Trump on feminism

Trump-hating London Mayor Sadiq Khan has lectured President Trump on how to be a feminist, in a desperately classless video posted to Twitter.

Prior to Trump’s arrival this week, Khan posted a video on Twitter for Elle Magazine UK. reports: In an unprecedented move Khan then added another video telling Theresa May to tell President Trump to “stop governing in self-interest.”

The video is not only reprehensible it makes absolutely no sense which is typical for leftist arguments these days — even in London.

The US President is traveling to London and France on the anniversary week of D-Day and this is how the London mayor thanks the US?

Absolutely disgusting!


  1. What Khan did was completely disgusting and is an insult to our President Trump, who, btw, has NEVER been a misogynist. Khan has one helluva nerve insulting our prez, lying about him and trying to make him look bad, when it is Khan who is the jerk here. His comments make me want to smack his face.

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